Nutrional and health benefits of Nuts – perfect recipe for good health

Searching whether nuts are beneficial for your health or not and if its true that eating nuts increase cholesterol? Find the answer to these and much more trivia about nuts and its heath benefits and losses

Rumors were once afoot that eating nuts cause cholesterol issues and that they could be injurious to health. However, further study on the subject has proven beyond doubt that nuts are the most reliable sources of nutrients. These plain little unassuming foods are brimming with goodness. Listed below are but a few of the pros of consuming nuts:

1. Nuts control cholesterol

Nuts are replete with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, and both the types help lower cholesterol levels. Apart from these fatty chains, nuts also comprise other ammunition to fight off cholesterol – plant sterols.

2. Nuts keep heart attacks away

A large variety of nuts consist of omega 3 fatty acids that protect the heart from abnormal rhythms that can trigger heart attacks. Fish are the richest sources of omega 3 fatty acids, but nuts are vegetarian's counterpart of fish.

3. Nuts control diabetes

Nuts are rich sources of fibre that serves to keep both blood cholesterol levels and diabetes in check. Fibre also aids in weight loss as the nutrient gives the consumer a feeling of fullness and keeps one from gorging on food.

4. Nuts stop plaque

When plaque develops in your arteries, it can cause heart attacks and coronary heart diseases. Nuts contain vitamin E, a nutrient that stops the development of plaques.

5. Nuts are useful for generic maintenance of health

Nuts are packed with major and minor nutrients that are required by the body, including niacin, folic acid, vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, copper and arginine. Some nuts have also been recognized as reserves of flavonoids and isoflavones, those compounds that help fight off cancer. Eating nuts in bulk do help you in improving memory.

The biggest problem that nuts face in being a part of mainstream delicacies is that they are perceived to be bland and boring. However, knowing what nuts to fry, what to combine with a bowl of ice-cream and what to cook with a serving of wet pork will help you incorporate nuts into your routine dietary preferences.

Different nut types

Walnuts are a highly beneficial category of nuts that are best stirred into oatmeal. Walnuts are also popularly incorporated into side dishes, or chopped to lend crunchiness to fish or poultry dishes. Walnuts are rich in ALA, an omega 3 fatty acid, that not only protects the heart from the effects of cholesterol levels but also keeps your skeletal structure in good shape. Walnuts help maintain bones and keep them from breaking down

United States Dietary Guidelines have stated that Americans do not get sufficient serving of vitamin E in their diets. This can be corrected by adding almonds to your daily food intake. Almonds are the easiest to incorporate into your meals as ground almonds lend a unique flavor and crunchiness to your food. Ground almonds can be sprinkled on fruit juices, or even on whipped cream on your coffee. Proven to enhance memory power and rich in fiber, almonds are the most important part of the diet of one on a weight loss program.

Pistachios are a hot favorite among those who wish to lose weight quick, or need to cut back on their calorie intake. These nuts contain all of three calories, and they create a feeling of fullness that keeps you from eating any other food. Studies have found those pistachio consumption cut back calorie intake by a whopping 35%. When you take pistachios in their shells, the sight of the discarded shells plays with your mind to discourage you from eating any further and tricks you into feeling satiated.

Hazelnuts are an absolute delight, not just because they help ward off numerous diseases, but also because they are a delicacy in their own right. Roasted hazelnuts are the perfect solution for a chilly day, and when chopped, these nuts serve as a befitting topping for cookies and sundaes. Coronary heart diseases, Alzheimer's, certain types of cancer and birth defects are kept at bay by hazelnuts, thanks to Vitamin B avatars in them. Arginine and magnesium are also a part of these nuts, helping maintain blood pressure levels.
There are few delicacies thrown together in a kitchen that pecans would not complement. Be it a salad, cookie or cake batter, or desserts, pecans rule the roost. Pecans are reliable sources of anti-oxidants like gamma-tocopherol. These anti-oxidants lower the chances of heart diseases or plaque development.

Cashews brim with zinc and iron, apart from providing magnesium. Since iron promotes the deliverance of oxygen to all the cells in the body, conditions like anemia are controlled by including them in your dietary intake. Cashews also play a role in improving memory conditions during old age, apart from boosting vision.
In all, you must stop trying to avoid nuts if a healthy life is what you seek. Assorted nuts can be consumed even without combining them with any other types of food, and they make for delicious and healthy snacks.


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