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    Kudos to the courageous and gutsy wrestlers!

    It has been over a month now since the wrestlers' protests against sexual harassment by the chief of the Wrestling Federation of India. The protests were launched at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi and came to a head yesterday when they tried to go towards the new Parliament building for 'Mahila Mahapanchayat' and clashed with police personnel.

    The wrestlers released a statement that their next step would be to throw their medals in the sacred Ganges today evening and start a hunger strike at India Gate.

    The silence from the Central Govt. and the PM is deafening. Just imagine - the wrestlers had to approach the Supreme Court to get an FIR filed against the WFI Chief and it was shocking to see reports that he was invited to the inauguration of the new Parliament building.

    They are not just Olympic champions. They are women (and men) speaking out against sexual harassment. On the one had we have the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the Workplace Act (POSH) and talk about saving the country's daughters. On the other hand we have this attitude of treating those same daughters in this dismissive manner, like as though they are scheming liars.

    When will the wrestlers get justice?
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    It is surprising that the government is not coming forward in attending to and solving this problem which is there for quite some time. Olympic players are our assets and we must try to solve their grievances as early as possible.
    The wrestlers have lodged a FIR also but we do not know what action was taken on that. The issue is getting delayed and wrestlers would lose their patience and it would be an ugly situation.

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