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SocialVillage websites sections open for contribution.
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    Where can I write on SocialVillage website?

    SocialVillage websites sections open for contribution.

    Hello Villagers at SocialVillage!

    Through this thread, I am attempting to inform all old and new members as to what all sections of the website are available for writing your heart out! SocialVillage website has narrowed down certain areas of the erstwhile sections. We are focusing on two main sections where villagers (members) can participate.

    Which sections have closed down?

    1. The Articles section is no more available for writing new content. We have not removed the Articles section completely. It is undergoing reviewing and upbringing to the current standards.
    2. We do not have any of the sections related to Colleges, Universities, Courses, Ask Experts, Jobs, Business, Classified, and Question papers that have been our legacy.
    3. The Forum section is still alive, but we are expecting the majority of discussions and contributions in the Knowledge Centre section.

    So why do we have a Forum section on the SocialVillage website?

    The forum section is present for queries and discussions related to the SocialVillage website. First-time Introductions, queries, and doubts related to the functioning of the website can be discussed with the management team in the Forum section. New contests, rewards, and credits can be discussed in the forum. The forum section can be accessed by clicking on the blue navigation bar which says Social Discussions.

    And what can we write in the Knowledge Centre section?

    The Knowledge Centre section is related to all discussions which are not related to the functioning and queries of the website! Thus any worldly discussions, real-life problems, and worldwide updates can be brought up over here. Participate in the ongoing current topics for discussions; or put up any new topic for discussion over here. The Knowledge Centre section can be accessed by clicking on the blue navigation bar which says Knowledge Centre.

    I hope this helps a lot of our members get clarity related to the SocialVillage website. Please feel free to reply to this thread, if there might be any further queries.

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    This is useful information, thanks for bringing in clarity.

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    As long as you maintain the Articles section, authors prefer writing there more than in Knowledge Centre as rewards will be more for articles written than for the content posted in KC. This is true not only to this site but also to other sites also. So there should be a thought process on how to bring more contributions to KC. Anyhow the post is very clear and members will get a clear idea about the places where they can contribute.

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