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    Is the State government busy in framing charges against the opposition leaders?

    For the last one month, a political war has been going on between the ruling party and the opposition party. One of the senior leaders in the country and ex-Chief Minister of united Andhra Pradesh and present Andhra Pradesh has been in Jail for the last 20 days. All leaders from both parties are trying to throw sludge at the other party leaders. State CID brings out one after other warrants against opposition leaders framing charges to see that they will be under check. Opposition leaders are trying their best to get sympathy from the public as their main leader is in jail. Lawyers are making big money and finally, whether these framed changes will be proved or not will be known to God only.
    The main agenda of the parties now has become to win the coming elections by depopulating the other party leaders with these gimmicks. No leader is really interested in the welfare of the common man. Law enforcement departments also support the situation by framing false charges against some leaders. Is it the way a democratically elected government has to function? I solicit the views of other members.

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    It is a ground reality and an irony that the people in power ate always having some advantages in their hands. We all think that they should not misuse their powers and should not frame false charges against anyone including the opposition parties.
    If the ruling party does anything like that then it becomes a bad precidence for future.

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