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    A photo fixed in a beautiful frame will be an attraction on the wall

    During my childhood photos were a luxury and very difficult to get. People in villages used to travel to the nearby towns to get a photograph of theirs. Those days almost all houses used to have photos on all sides of the walls in the houses. When guests visit their house these photos were a very good attraction to them. A photo with a beautiful frame was an attraction to the walls and houses in those days. Afterwards, Photo albums have become very famous.

    But now the situation is very different. No albums or no physical storage. Only virtual storage has become the order of the day and we rarely see photos with frames on walls. Still, I always like a photo on a wall and definitely I feel it is an attraction not only to the wall it is hung but to the house itself.

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    Very true. A frame gives a border to the photo or picture and makes it presentable not only on the walls of drawing room but everywhere wherever it is kept. A matching frame enhances the effect of picture. It is like a lifetime companion to the picture along the border of which it is fixed.

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    Photo frame has always been an emotion .They are the bundles of memories that reminds us of our good times ,our loved ones,their memories.But these frames are often left at same place gathering dust replaced by new ones.Frames are one of the most heartwarming source happiness.sometimes we cry seeing the smiling faces in the same.

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