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    There are no houses these days without a remote

    Days are changing. We are witnessing a rapid change in our living. People who are in their 50s and 60s now might have seen radical changes in society. Whenever these aged persons meet their old friends they will discuss much about the changes they have witnessed in their lives.

    When I was in high school, many houses in villages were not provided with current and people were using kerosene lamps. During my college days, many houses in villages did not have ceiling fans or stand fans. Hand fans made of Tadi leaves were in use. No house in the house had radios or transistors. When I was in college and university, there were no phones in many houses even in cities. The phone was not an essential item in those days. We used to go to public telephone booths and wait for the call to get connected for a longer time. During the 1980s many houses did not have TVs and some had portable TVs. No one knows about remotes for operating these items.

    After the year 2000, we have witnessed a radical change. Rarely do we find no power villages. We will not find any person without a mobile phone. We will not find any house without a TV. There are no houses these days without a remote to operate their electronic gadgets. In a few years, we will find Robots operated with remotes in almost all houses for doing household work.

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    Yes, nowadays we notice television remote in almost every urban household. This statement may not be completely true for rural households, but in rural areas also the use of television remote has been increasing rapidly. But I have doubts about whether this phenomenon can be termed as 'progress', ,or not.
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    Very correct. Most gadgets can be controlled by remote from remote. We can control almost all our gadgets and appliances at home from our office or at any remote place using internet of things.

    Unfortunately where we are feeling the pinch is simultaneously our brains and decisions are also controlled by remote by others. Our children fall prey to remote control by others and social media. Hence we have to be more realistic and pragmatic in safety precautions against wrong remotes too.
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    Yes the remote controller has become very common for the gadgets in our houses. Whether it is TV or AC or any other such device there is a remote for it. Interestingly many times when the remote is misplaced we spent a lot of time searching it instead of manually keeping the gadget off. Some people even might not be aware how to keep the gadget off manually.

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