Social Media & Marketing

This is the era of online interactions. Our experiences, our hobbies, our opinions are all out there in e-space. This Social Village website can also be considered as a kind of social media platform for such interactions.
Instagram, Pinterest, FB, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc are social networking platforms that bring people within "talking" distance. Having a conversation through a Chat box, commenting or putting a like emoji for a written piece or photo, and having an intense debate with others are some of the diverse ways that people get together on the Internet. There are also savvy marketing strategies to attract customers for products and services using social media. Have you had any interesting encounters and experiences through social media? Get others in Social Village to be a part of it.

You can make money from this site by posting original and quality articles that comply with Google AdSense policies. Also, we offer several other reward programs including monthly profit sharing, cash rewards per post, contests, prizes etc, to contributing members.

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