History and Success Facts behind Neeya Naana – Vijay TV Talk show

This article will give you information about Neeya Naana a Talk Show program aired in Vijay TV every Sunday Night 9pm. This program is anchored by Gopinath with a group of members in two teams. It is a Talk show open to all group of audience and participation are given full rights to express their views regarding a topic taken for discussion. Do you like to know more about it then read below more to get to know the details?

About Neeya Naana – Vijay TV Talk Show

Neeya Naan is a Talk show telecasted on Vijay TV every Sunday night 9pm for more than five years. Initially the number of viewers was very less as per the TRB Rating but after several years by identifying the need and success factor for their program the program team decided to have few changes and then Hot current topics were taken for discussion every week and moreover an opportunity was given to all age group of people to express their views. Later it got its name and started to pick up with steady state of growth and now has a pride indicating more set of viewers are interested towards the program.

Success factor behind Neeya Naana

Neeya Naana has become one of the successful Tamil TV Channel Talk Show as it has got good responses from all set of audience. There may be several factors for the success of the programs with few pieces of information (Not Notable by all groups of peoples) towards the program. Neeya Naana is not only popular for its Talk Show but if you note clearly the Welcome Theme (Movement of Chess Game) indicates and helps the programmer to convey the message of the show to the audience in few words. Moreover if you clearly watch you could be able to view an X symbol and these too indicates and convey a messages to its audience ( ie, U r Me)and it mightn't be noted by all group of people but in my point of view as a viewer this too may be its success factor. The word Freedom of Speech caption also comes up with a message conveying that the audience has full rights to express and share their views without hurting anybody mind.
Neeya NaanaMoreover the stage is decorated with good lighting, seating and back ground pictures add more credits to the programs as it let the participation to have a good feel of environment. The camera focus would also be a plus since it is a talk show it might be difficult to identify the right person who is expressing his views among the group in such situation they even take care towards it and focuses the right person in right time.

Neeya Naana – Program Schedule and Information's

Broadcast channel: Vijay TV
Genre: Talk Show
Program Name: Neena Naana – Freedom of Speech
Program Host: Gopinath
Program Timing: Every Sunday 9pm -11pm
Target Audience: All set of age groups
Program Sponsors: Lion Dates Syrup powered by Ran India
Gift Sponsors: Trichy Singapore Hardware's and Trichy Mangal and Mangal
Starring: Gopinath with Two set of Team members and VIPs
Contact Number: 9789979375/9962940092/9790813508

At the Start up of the program Gopinath introduce himself with a warm welcome and greet the audience. Next Gopinath gives a few descriptions about the Topic of the day – What the topic is about, why the topic was taken into discussion, How it is related to the show with various opinion to be received from the participation's.

The Startup Talk of the Gopinath would be like – Before getting into the show I like to ask these question (About the topic taken into Discussion) to both the Teams and asks them to share their views by saying few words like OK, Next, Then….In order to get into the minds of viewers jointed in the middle of the show the Current Topics of Discussion is being scrolled at the bottom for few seconds which even let them to understand about the topic of discussion. Even though it is a Tamil Talk Show to make it more Realistic and Interesting Gopinath speaks English words at required situation. This may also due to assorted categories of participation with different languages of communication in the program.

In addition to the above to make the show more interesting to participation and viewers Gopinath provides an opportunity to participation to show and express their views in action.
Neeya Naana -1
The action can be of any type and this is only just to have more fun towards the program and not to hurt anybody's mind. If there is any word of Hurt then if you clearly observe you would be able to witness a mute sound. After few minutes of Discussion in order to add more taste towards the program two VIPs related to the topic of the show are being called and honored in the stage and after watching the views of the participation by the VIPs from other side they provides them with their real life experience and views and let them a chance to agree with the argument and add up more points.

Finally at the end of the show Gopinath through his personal observation and several facts and points of consideration from the participation their body language and genuity towards their speech related to the topic and two participation are being Honored with a prize.

Few Hot Topics in Neeya Naana

Husband Vs Wife
Must Study only Medicine or Engineering courses Vs Other types of courses
Love in point of view from today's ladies
Girls Vs Boys
Does Ghosts Exists
Stress related to life

History behind Neena Naana Talk show - Director Point of views

The favorite TV show of Tamil Nadu would be Debate but nowadays it has become as a business. In such situation Tamilnadu Vijay TV decided to telecast a Talk Show and it was only Neena Naana was the statement said by its producer Anthony.

The show has been telecasted for more than 5 years with assorted categories like Intelligent, Angry, Fun and Comedy. The success towards the program lies all behind the viewers. Before the start of the program the team was looking for a Title for the program and few Titles selected was "Sathurangam"/ "Black and White" and one day a member of the team was sharing his experience with his inmates regarding fight situation in their places and then he said people there will say You or Me with each other's during fight and the team decided why can't it be a title we are looking for, later they fine tuned and named it as Neena Naana which everyone liked.
Neeya Naana -2

Initially there was only few viewers to the show and didn't get any points in TRB Ratings and Vijay TV MD Pradeep were questioning the team towards the rating of the program and they answered that will improve it better in future. The entire team was wondering in finding a way to get in viewers and during that time the team got a call from channel MD saying the program has got 5% in TRB rating and they were excited and couldn't believe the situation. In present years the MD would be able to notice and witness a heavy competition between two shows named Airtel Super Singer and Neena Naana. But the success all lies up with the creator of the team.

The producer of the program said he have worked with Gopinath Host of Neeya Naana initially in a show called "Makkal Yar Pakkam" and he was attracted towards his speech and body language and then decided to select him to host the program. Moreover the producer said initially Vijay Athiraj was the person into his mind as a host to the upcoming program (Neeya Naana). Some of few more programs by Gopinath are Sigram Thotta Manidharkal, Vijay awards, Nadanathu Enna and in few cases at Airtel Super Singer.

The team said they will have a deep look and analysis over current trends and scenarios in and around them and identify people interest and liking and then decide up with a topic for their program since they feel only interesting current hot topics can make the audience to sit in front of the show till the end of the program. The owner of the program says they are selecting the topics by giving values to the people of Tamil Nadu. Moreover they get Title for their topic in daily life situation from various places where they move. Initially we were looking for people and participation but currently people look in for our show and its success is all with the entire hands of our team.

If you clearly note we have a caption called Freedom of Speech. This is mainly to share the participation views, opinions and arguments which would never find a way to hurt people's mind and once the money is given to the participation the show may be successful but it may become as an Entertainment and loose its viewers. Moreover the team doesn't force and put words towards the participation in conveying only the views specified by the team and in few cases the team by considering the participation pays money towards their travel and the few VIP's invited will look out for money and respect. But to make this show more realistic they place the VIPs seat in the middle of the participation where they can be free to view each other's and put forth their views.


The above information would have provided you with a detail study about a developed Talk show of Tamil Channel. In my point of view the success behind a show not only lies on the channel telecasted but depends upon various factors like Air Time of the show,Host,Theme of the program,Information and message to the public from the program. I personally think Vijay TV and the creator of the team have done a strong ground work to the above said factor which made the show to be a huge success into the minds of the customers. Moreover public plays a vital role towards the success of the program.

My wishes for program success to the creator and it's Team and hope to see the Team with more number of Current Hot Topics as their Title which can act as a platform to serve and service the public and society in all ways.

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Guest Author: sudhan12 Nov 2011

Hello Naina Khan,
It is one of the best program that is telecasted in vijay TV and all our family would always sit together and watch this program without fail. I just saw the article and it was finely penned by you.

Guest Author: 23 Nov 2011

Hi Friend,

I have been watching this program from the time it was started and really it is one of the best TV programs. The credit really goes to Gopinath and nobodycan be compared in his role. The topics chosen are really worth and it is really a good program which can be watched with the family.

Guest Author: Logeswaran.D11 Feb 2013

Hello Sir, Gud Morning
I am logeswaran in trichy. It is one of the best program.

Guest Author: Rajkumar21 Jul 2014

Dear sir,

I am Rajkumar in Chennai. I have been watching this program every week without fail. Everybody like your speech in this world. This programme Succeeded by you only not for VIJAI TV

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