Review and Story of Tamil SUN TV serial Nadhaswaram

This article is about the famous serial telecasted in Sun TV, Nadhaswaram. This is the serial which relates to a family and the various problems faced by them in the long run. This serial is written and directed by Thirumurugan who was also successful in Metti Vozhi.

Tamil serial Nadhaswaram – A Brief Review

Nadhaswaram is one of the best serials in the Tamil TV industry that has lot of turns in them. This is the serial written and directed by Thirumurugan. I would rate nadhawaram as one of the best Tamil TV serials which is based upon a joint family headed by the character Chokalingam. The movie revolves around the family of Chokalingam and Malar's family. I think this movie is one of the serials that have got good reviews for them and a lot of audience towards this serial.

Characters in the Nadhaswaram Serial

  1. Chokalingam – Head of the family who is having two brothers and one sister.
  2. Mayilvahanam (Mayil) – Younger Brother of Chokkalingam
  3. Rasappa – youngest of the two already mentioned
  4. Gopi – Son of Chokalingam who is much disciplined and obeys and respects their family and is ready to do anything to the family.
  5. Malar – Lover of Gopi and the ex wife of Gokul
  6. Maha – Daughter of Pushpa(younger sister of Chokalingam) and the Piraisudan(A postmaster)
  7. Rohini – Younger sister of Malar
  8. Pandi – He has the important role in the serial and he is the son of Mayil and the husband of maha who married her when she was unconscious.
  9. Sambandham – He is the brother of Maha who has a different style of walking and his role is just like a comedian in the serial

Story held till now in the Serial Nadhaswaram

The story starts with Chokalingam who has a younger brother Mayilvahanam and both the family live together mostly and participate in all the well being together without any partiality. But mayils family is conscious about her son and daughter than that of the Chokalingams family. He starts to see some partiality whenever the family assembles together. Soon it happens that Maha who is the daughter of Pushpa loves Gopi to a greater level but Gopi is not that much interested at her. On the other hand Pandi is in love with maha and the story goes like this. Soon Gopi meets a girl who is working in the electricity department and her name is Malar. Soon both fall in love but are not expressing their love towards them.

But Maha falls in love with gopi and Gopi's brother Pandi loves Maha. When the family of pandi asks maha for his marriage maha refuses and she tells that she is in love with Gopi. Soon she publishes the news to all the members of the family and this makes Pandi angry. He soon tries to take revenge of his brother Gopi and appoints someone to beat him. At one point of time Gopi comes to know that Pandi is in love with Maha. He tries to explain the situation to Pandi and he too understands the situation. But when the affection of Maha and Gopi become strong, Pandi tries to hit Gopi with a rod but fails and beats in the head of Maha and Maha becomes unconscious. When she opens her eyes she doesn't remember anything except the name Gopi.

On the other hand Malar is married to Gokul and she is not happy about it and Gokul comes to know that malar loved Gopi and they got separated and Gopi too loves malar and immediately after the marriage Gokul takes Malar to a secret house which is situated deep in the forest and tries to take her forcefully and also wants to punish her as he came to know about gopi. Malar gets into a room and calls his father and tells her problem to him. Soon malar's father calls gopi and tells about the problem and gopi saves her from the problem. Soon Gokul realizes his fault and after some time goes to Malar's family and requests her to accept her but malar refuses totally this happens more than once but she refuses.

On the contrary, Pandi takes maha without the notice of others in the family and goes to hill station where he takes care of her nicely. Soon they start to live together and after many days the family finds them and takes them. Maha's father Piraisudan gets angry on his family and registers a complaint which is later rejected by the police officers.

Soon maha gets her consciousness and asks for Gopi and after seeing the knot she thinks that the sacred knot was tied by Gopi and thinks that he is the husband. By seeing this again Pandi gets angry and tries to beat his brother but his brother even after getting the beating supports Pandi. Soon Maha comes to know about the truth and she gets angry on Gopi and also gets hatredness towards Pandi. On one point of time Gopi marries Malar without the consent of any one and takes her to his home but the news spreads already and creates havoc in the minds of members of the family and everyone tries to avoid them. Soon malar's brother gets into the room of Chokalingam and hits him in his head.

Now both the family is unconvinced and tries to avoid the relationship of Malar and Gopi. But the sisters of gopi love him very much and try to meet him and one point of time meets him but their father watches the scene and starts beating them in front of everyone. This is what has happened till now with various other charactes playing a vital role but not so much attractive role as stated above. The families of the sisters of Gopi have not been specified as they have got very little role to play in the serial.


I think this is the most fascinating serial that is telecasted in the sun TV and I would rate them among the top 10 serials of Sun TV. The serial relates the life of the family and the various problems it faces in the long run and as of his previous best serials like Metti Vozhi, it is the most successful serials in the Sun network History.

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Guest Author: 23 Nov 2011

Hi Friend,

This is really a good serial in Sun TV and really Thirumurugan serials are worth watching. The joint family system and the new faces chosen by Thirumurugan has made the serial to stand in the mind of audience.

Guest Author: chandrasekaran16 Feb 2012

Very funny story writer, who does not know the fact that How Chockalingam and his sister can come to same Kulatheivam temple as per telecast on 16 th Feb 2012 which will be different for each. Any village person can comment on this as it reaches more village population

Guest Author: Pinky27 May 2012

Hii,We Indians are very much capable of soirtng out any issue with mutual understanding and talks, but still we lag just because we easily get influenced by unnecessary issues, discussions and demands. It is the grapevine you see.Very well written article :)-Sanjana

Guest Author: Sathish06 Jul 2012

WORST serial like Metti Oli (Mutti Vali). Stupid story... always fighting with each other. No consistancy in charactor. Unnecessary talks and useless quarrels. educated people wont watch this useless serials.

Guest Author: Chandramouli14 Oct 2014

Why the director is dragging the serial with the same topic for a long time. As Chockalingam gained consciousness why he is lying in the hospital.

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