Rare tips to take care of various household needs

Home care is always close to everyone's heart. Those who know the tricks to take care of the things in the household are always admired and appreciated by others. Here are a few tips on home care that are much needed by everyone, but not known to many of them.


Sometimes we all have the resources readily available at home to solve a puzzling problem relating to home care, but we might not even realize that these things can be as useful and handy as they are. Here are a few simple tips on home care.

Tips relating to home care

  1. Whenever we go on a short vacation, we worry what might have happened to our potted plants when we come back. To solve this problem, break a whole brick into 5-6 pieces and soak them in water for 6-7 hours. Keep these soaked pieces of brick around the plant and pour water on these pieces. This prevents the soil and the plant from becoming dry.
  2. To keep your house free from flies, add a few drops of lemon juice and phenyl to the water used for mopping the floor.
  3. Soiled kitchen dusters can be made clean and free from grease by soaking them in water mixed with gram flour for half an hour before washing them.
  4. To remove henna stains from clothes, dip them in warm milk for one hour and then wash them thoroughly with soap and water.
  5. Tea leaves dried under the sun for 3-4 days can be used as fertilizer for any plant.
  6. To protect edible things like grains, flour, gram flour, etc. from smell and insects, put some cloves in them.
  7. To clean a painted surface, boil an onion in 2 cups of water and wipe the surface with the boiled onion. The surface will look spotlessly clean!
  8. To prevent ice-cream from melting too soon, freeze the serving bowls for at least 1 - 1 1/2 hours before serving it.
  9. To remove stains from utensils, dip them in a mixture of bleaching powder and water for sometime and then wash them with soap and clean water.
  10. Whenever food gets burnt, keep the vessel immersed in cold water for 10-15 minutes. Then, gently scoop out the portion that is not burnt and serve it without hesitation. There will not be any trace of burnt smell from the food.
  11. Use burnt ashes of incense sticks to clean silver ornaments. Tooth paste/shampoo can also be used for this purpose.
  12. To get a clear blue flame, clean the gas burner with petrol.
  13. For smoother slices of cakes and ice-creams, use a knife dipped in hot water.
  14. Placing a ball of cotton soaked in peppermint oil near a rat-hole will make rats flee.
  15. Add a piece of jaggery in oil or ghee to prevent it from turning rancid.
  16. To camouflage small scratches on teak furniture, smear a little wax show polish over the scratch and buff with a polishing cloth till the scratch is invisible.
  17. For shining glass windows and mirrors, wipe them with wet newspaper pieces.
  18. To clean white stones on studded jewellery, dust fine talcum powder on these stones and then rub gently with a soft cloth. Avoid using coarse powder as it might scratch the stones.
  19. To remove ink blotches from paper, make a thick paste of bleaching powder and a little water and apply on the ink stains and gently rub them away using a cotton bud.
  20. To keep the backs of photo frames free from insects, dry spearmint leaves in the sun. Powder them and mix with a few drops of castor oil to make a thick paste. Apply this mixture on the back of the photoframes.

Hope you found these tips useful.


Guest Author: ARUN KANTI MANDAL18 Mar 2014

The article is really useful and some of them are never commonly heard. The main problem with a lot of people is watering the plants when they are out of town. You have given a good tip for that. I have tried and it is working out to be good.
All the other tips are good except the ones using bleaching powder.
Bleaching powder really damages the surface and it is not that good to the best of my knowledge. Instead, there are lots of eco-friendly cleaners available in the market that do not cause any damage. We could try any one of those. Some of them are really good like Amyway products, Citra-clean solution, etc.

Guest Author: Brijesh Sharma27 Aug 2016

The tips provided in this article are immensely helpful though they seem to be very minor at the first glance. The tips altogether 20 in number may be tried in order to get relief from different conditions. There are other formulas as well for expelling mosquitoes from the households such as burning of Neem leaves in the closed doors for half an hour; dettol and Kerosene have also been found effective. Similarly in order to enhance the bright shine of the cups and crockery, sesame can be used for rubbing with the used tea-leaves. So is the case with the storing of rice for an appreciable time, one may add a few pieces of dried Neem leaves to keep it free from fungus.

Guest Author: 08 Jun 2017

Good household tips which are useful in day to day maintenance, specially in kitchen. Some more tips -
For cleaning copper or brass utensils, a solution of tamarind in water is useful as it brings shine to them immediately.
For insect control we should plug small holes and orifices with white cement.
If you are spreading polythene or plastic sheets in the cupboard bottoms, then spread a newspaper first so that any humidity or moisture will be absorbed by the newspaper.

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