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Unique Welcome Drink Ideas for Indian Wedding

Embark on a journey exploring an assortment of refreshing drink ideas tailored for Indian weddings, blending tradition with innovative twists, creating an exceptional and elevated celebratory experience!

Managing the Toughest Times in Life: Two Inspiring Stories

More often than not, we face a number of troubles in life. Sometimes, these pressures are daunting and we wonder how we managed such situations. Yet, it is always wise to learn from the successful experiences of some people. Two such real-world case-studies are discussed, without any reference to any person, to protect identities. Some common lessons are discussed in the article.

Simple ways to motivate yourself

This article explains various tips to keep ourselves motivated. Having a positive attitude is very necessary. Rewarding every time a short-term goal is met is another self-motivating tip. Do not work endlessly without catching a break. Always take time out.

How to inculcate the can-do spirit in young people and children

There are many success stories where the parents had instilled a good deal of "can-do" spirit in their children at a very young age. The chemistry of doing this has some basic steps. This article is an attempt to discuss some aspects of this process, in some detail.

Car Rental Agencies in Delhi

Thousand of people come to visit Delhi every day and visit the historical places like Qutub Minar, Red Fort, Lotus Temple, Humayun Tomb, Malls,Chandni Chowk,and variuos other places of interest.

This too shall pass away

There are three kinds of people - one who lives in past. one who lives in future and one who lives in present. I am an individual who used to be confused in these three types of personalities to understand which category I fall into and which one will be the best to adapt until I came across this beautiful story told by my husband.

Top benefits of learning a new language

This article explains the various benefits of learning a new language. It makes our travelling experience rich. It helps us understand distinct cultures and customs. It boosts our memory power and helps us immensely in our careers.

Understanding the law of attraction to create a more fulfilling life

The Law of Attraction is a popular concept that has gained a lot of attention in recent years. It's the idea that the universe responds to our thoughts and emotions, and that we can attract positive experiences into our lives by focusing on positive thoughts and feelings. In this article, we will delve into the details of law of attraction.

Best ways to boost your self confidence and be happy

Self-confidence is a critical component of success and happiness. However, many people struggle with low self-esteem and self-doubt, which can hold them back from achieving their goals. Fortunately, there are many strategies and techniques that can help to boost self-confidence and improve overall well-being. In this article, we will explore few effective ways to increase self-confidence and unlock your full potential.

Simple ways to be a good listener

This article explains various ways to be a good listener. Never fill the silence with meaningless conversations. Never judge or interfere with the other person. The most important tip is to speak less and listen more.

Top secrets to always remaining happy

This article explains that happiness is our creation and is not based on external factors. There are ways to boost our happiness. Some of them are living a healthy lifestyle, practising gratitude, reducing stress, meditation and smiling more often.

How to achieve a good work-life balance in life

There are many people who are confused about various aspects of life. They do not know how to be happy, even when being part of the rat race. Hence, it is vital to know how to be happy and enjoy life. Some aspects of this process with suggestions are sought to be discussed in this article.

The positive side of Social Media and Internet in our lives

The Internet and social media are real game changers. Without the internet, there is no life now. Everyone has access to the internet and it has changed the lives of millions of people around the globe. In this article, we will discuss some good things about the Internet and social media in our lives.

Vital Role of perception in our lives

Irrespective of our social or economic position, we face challenges everyday in our lives. This might have to do with our financial position or with regard to our relatives or friends or even with our own family members. In every problem, our own perception plays such a vital role. Some nuances are sought to be presented in this article.

The role of significant others in upbringing of children

At a time when the entire urban population of India is caught up in the mad rat race, there is hardly any time for proper upbringing of children. We see harmful characteristic traits in children who are hardly ten years old. This is where the role of significant others comes into play. We need to understand the full implications of these significant other people in the upbringing of children.

Understanding influences of highly polarized politics on children

One understands the environment as he or she sees it. If the family or someone in the family indulges in politics or is deeply involved with the political narrative of that party, the children start to watch that with great interest. Children fourteen years of age and above are often drawn into politics. This article seeks to analyze the negative influence of highly polarized politics on children.

How to manifest the life of your dreams

This article explains how positive thinking and positive affirmations can bring a desirable outcome through manifestation. Lack attracts lack, and abundance attracts abundance. Setting the intention and then believing in it is the key to success.

Understanding why values, beliefs and attitudes are important in life

Every human being is a bundle of emotions and feelings. We as human beings also have several thoughts that keep coming into our mind over a long period of time. How these thought patterns leads to Beliefs and then to Values and then to Attitudes is indeed a very powerful process. This article is an attempt to focus on the basics of all these different, but inter-related variables in our lives.

Understanding basics of three concepts of Organizational Behavior

Organizational behavior is a very important aspect of understanding why we behave in the way we do. Similarly, it applies to all human beings and to several situations. In this article, we will discuss the basics of Leadership, Motivation, and Perception, in some detail. Very common examples are given, to specifically make it a non-technical essay of basics.

How to keep in touch with long distance family members

Sometime it can be hard to maintain a smooth relation with our family member when they are in another state or country. Take a initiative with enthusiasm and zeal to connect with them. This article has few simple steps for staying in touch with them.

Smart tips to cut expenditure and save more

In this article we will learn about some useful ways which will help us in managing our salary in a smarter way. Every working person, be it man or woman should inculcate the good habit of saving. Saving secures present as well as future. This article is mainly about how to reduce expenditure which will directly lead to more saving.

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