Grooming Etiquette for Women

Beauty does not stop with the face make up, it involves mannerism like walking, talking, standing postures etc., This is called as grooming(improvising beauty). Here are some of the tips to groom ourselves


Always look clean. It is the basic step of grooming. Have your nails manicured and neatly polished with colors balancing the environment.

Cat Walk

Maintain your steps as how the models are walking in a ramp. Let your legs move one after another instead of widening apart

Sitting posture

When sitting, let both the legs be united instead keeping it wide apart.

Face Position

While walking make sure your eye sight is almost 90deg, so that it is easy to see both front and sideways. This posture will give a confidence to your look

Walking and standing posture

There should be feminine in your walking and standing posture. Some walk with a hump. In order to get rid of that hump, try walking with heavy books on your head atleast 4-5 times a day. In Air hostess training, this is one of the most important training method. While standing, its best to stand with left leg at 90deg and right at 45deg which will give a good balance to the body. Wearing a slightly high boot will look good. But before that train yourself to walk with high boots

Speaking mannerism

Body Language is more important for speaking. Speaking with hands tied front or back or with no signs are said to be stubborn people. At the same time, showing more hand waves in front of the opponent's face also irritates them. Also dancing while taking will reduce our self respect. Touching the body parts (like scratching head, biting nails) is also not a good mannerism. If some one calls from back, turn back slowly. Standing in queue with patience, talking with less movements will be a addition to our beauty. Use courtesy words like sorry, please, thank you etc., when needed

Dress your hair

Use good shampoo and conditioner and maintain your hair devoid of dandruff and lice. Either plait or loosen your hair depending on your face structure or convenience.

Climbing stairs

While climbing up the stairs, maintain one step after another and do not jump from one side to another

Table manners

Do not make noise while eating. Do not talk or laugh with food in mouth. Let only the eating hand be on the table. Using of tools like spoon and fork is also important. Cutting the food with the right hand and using fork in left hand to eat looks good. Use napkin on the lap instead of wearing it around neck. Do not eat heavily at parties.

Using perfume / freshner

Use a lightly scented perfume or a body spray which is mild. Do not pour than needed. Also people with bad breath use make use of a nice mouth freshers or do mouth wash regularly and try consulting a dentist for the same.

Make up

Also have a light make up which suits your face and the make up that is needed for the situation. Also no make up, is also not good.

Wearing Jewels

Do not wear plenty of jewels. Wear a single chain, bracelet, a basic jewelry and avoid making use of heavy earrings.


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