Simple ways to motivate yourself

This article explains various tips to keep ourselves motivated. Having a positive attitude is very necessary. Rewarding every time a short-term goal is met is another self-motivating tip. Do not work endlessly without catching a break. Always take time out.


Motivation is an encouragement that will keep our inner drive to keep going. Sometimes we need that extra push to begin something new. Sometimes we are well motivated in the beginning but hardships make us lose faith and we think of giving up before reaching our destination. We may always seek support from our near and dear ones. It will help us keep moving ahead. However, that is not enough. Also, sometimes they may not be available when we want them the most. In such difficult situations, we have to rely on ourselves. We cannot always be dependent on others to take care of our inner needs. The best way to get rid of dependency is to be there for ourselves and always keep ourselves motivated. We help others when they come to us with their problems. However, when we have to do the same for ourselves, we hesitate and feel powerless. When we can motivate others and make them shine, we can do the same for ourselves. This article explains simple ways to motivate ourselves.

Effective ways to motivate yourself

  • Reward yourself frequently: Many of us feel that we will only succeed when we reach our destination. That is true. Still, the destination path has so many stops. It is like reaching the main goal by crossing many short-term goals. When we reach these short-term goals, it is a step further towards our main goal. Thus, we need to stop and reward ourselves for reaching every short-term goal. It can be anything like having our favourite meal, buying something that we always wanted or visiting a spa to have a relaxing time. It can be a few words of appreciation or a pat on the back or a smile that we share with ourselves standing in front of the mirror to let ourselves know that we have done so much good in our journey. This kind of motivation will prepare us for the next part of the journey.

  • Take time out: If we want to make haste and want to reach where we want to reach without taking any breaks, we are going to tire ourselves out. We need frequent breaks to take our minds off work. When we do that we recharge our minds and body. We feel energized and rejuvenated and can continue our journey with much more enthusiasm. When we work without breaks, we feel exhausted and it is the reason that when problems arrive, we are not able to deal with them. When we cannot come up with solutions and see no way out, we tend to give up. When obstacles arrive in our path, instead of looking at them as stepping stones, we get devastated and feel demotivated. Thus, it is important to maintain a work-life balance. Thus, take a day off and head somewhere that soothes our minds and relaxes our bodies. Go take a day off and meet someone who inspires us in our life. Go take a day off and read something that motivates us from within.

  • Enjoy the task: If we feel that our journey towards our destination is a fun game, it will be what we want it to be. Instead of taking it very seriously, we can enjoy our journey. Why take the fun element out of anything? Suppose our goal is to learn for the forthcoming examination then we have to do it with joy. Why do we have to always take exams as seriously and boringly? We can make learning a fun experience. Learning the concepts, formulas, lessons, poetry, and equations can be so joyful. We are educating ourselves with so many new things. Why do we have to memorize everything and lose out on the fun part? When we intend to learn the subject for the sake of educating ourselves with new content, the task becomes easy. If we intend to only learn these subjects so that we can appear in the exam and score well, it becomes a torturous task. Thus, see the bigger picture and never miss out on fun element that is hidden within everything.

  • Positive attitude: When we think positively, we will have a positive attitude towards everything. When we encounter a lot of obstacles and cannot think of a way out, we start thinking negatively. We want to give up on our dreams. During such times, all we have to do is to remind ourselves about why we started our journey in the first place. We will soon remember all the dreams and hopes we had in our minds and it will act as motivation for us to continue further. Sometimes we want to procrastinate things and don't want to do them as planned or according to schedule. During that time, we need to say out loud all the trouble that we are going to invite in if we do not complete our task on time. Also, we need to let ourselves know about the rewards that we will be giving or rewarding ourselves once we finish our task. This kind of positive outlook will help us continue our journey without getting demotivated.

  • Practice kindness: When someone else commits a mistake, we have empathy for them. We have to do the same for ourselves. We don't have to be very hard on ourselves. It is okay if we are not able to meet the deadlines. It is okay if things did not go as per we planned. It is okay if our presentation was not liked by many. There is always room for improvement. It is important to have a constructive mentality and not a destructive one. We have to analyze what went wrong and how can we improve our mistakes. Instead of criticizing and demotivating ourselves, we need to engage ourselves in constructive self-talk. Instead of focusing on the problem, focus on the solution. When we spend time seeking a solution, we will come up with it. We need to learn to be not hard on ourselves but practice some kindness.


Author: Dr N V Srinivasa Rao12 May 2023 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

This is A good article from the author. Sometimes we should motivate ourselves. If nobody is patting on our back we ourselves should do that so that our energy levels will improve and we will get inspired for further progress.
When we are attending a task we should think that what we are doing is very important and we should be successful. This thinking will make us motivated. If we feel what we are doing is not very important we may get dejected and we may not show the interest to complete the work.
We should inculcate the habit of helping others when they are in need. That will give us satisfaction and we will get motivated further.

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