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    How about designing a logo for Social Village?

    We all know the importance of a logo. It gives you an identity. Whatever the organization is dealing with they will be quickly identified through their Logos. It helps to create a brand and companies spend a lot of effort to design their logos. As a sister site of India Study Channel, a very popular one among the students, Social Village is undoubtedly going to make a mark and as a member, everyone will have a role in it. I know you are creative enough when it comes to writing. Maybe you are also a good artist. Give it a try. Take the small step with your ideas about Social Village and I am sure you will be successful in designing a suitable logo.
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    Yes, this is a wonderful suggestion. Not just the design, but also the byline of a logo form the identity of a site, and to have it for Social Village will be really good.

    I was thinking of a byline like 'Sharing and Caring'. That is, the social village community members will share their views and ideas, give guidance and suggestions, etc and thereby care for each other.

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    A logo is a necessity these days. It gives an identity to the site. The logo should be created in such a way that it will convey the theme of the site. Sharing and caring byline appear to be good. But the logo should also match the same byline. Let us hope that we will be going to see the logo for this site also shortly.

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    We can ask the logo design from the members also and if one of that seems to be adequate and approved then that can be adopted. Anyway, a logo in line with ISC main site would be more appropriate in my opinion.

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