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    What overview you got after going through

    We all know that is a sister site of ISC. In the opening page of this site we will get some detailed information about the various features of this site. The management may include so many interesting features other than few features explained on the opening page. In my opinion the site appears to be is similar to that of previous ISC site and as the main site is fully transformed into fully academic site, this site compensates the old features. I love it if the site is like that to my expectation. Definitely this generalized site as mentioned in the front page (sky is the limit) has great potential to attract many more people and it will definitely prosper. Members put your varied gusses and expectations about this site.
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    When I opened this site I felt I entered to ISC only. As mentioned by the author the site is very similar to the earlier version of ISC. Now ISC is concentrating on education only. So members can submit articles written on other topics to this site so that this site will also get more articles. Once the activity in the forum section starts, we can see better progress. I am feeling at home when I entered this site. We can have some new features like questions and answers in all the above fields mentioned on the blue bar.

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    It's wonderful to be again a part of another sister site ISC. I also agree that I feel similar to ISC here, and also happy to see the promotions of the members. I feel as if on a new level all the same members are once again sharing their views and opinions with each other, like everyone is getting entry one after one and soon all other members will be present here too. Meeting the same people on a new platform is a pleasant experience in itself.

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    After registering here I found that the range of topics is quite wide here and it gives us opportunity to contribute in our own ways choosing one of the subjects or topics from the exhaustive menu. So, let us hope that more members join in and this site also developes in a similar way as ISC main site developed during the past decade.

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    I'm also very excited being part of this site. This site is almost the same as ISC. I hope that on this site our journey would be also wonderful like ISC.

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