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    What is the impact of social environment on the growth of an individual?

    Does the general social environment have some impact on the way people develop personally? What do you think could be the reasons for it helping in certain geographical locations but not so in others?

    We all know that the social environment prevailing around us will have an impact on the growth of an individual. If a good social environment prevails in a particul place, the goodness of that will influence the person and the atmosphere always will be peaceful. If it is the opposite, the atmosphere always will be unpleasant and disturbing. It will be the same case with a family, a street, a village, a city or even a country. Why is that our social environment will be good at some places or region and not so in other places? Various factors prevailing in the society will decide our social environment. How can we work towards developing a good social environment to prosper? Members can discuss various aspects of this issue.
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    It is said that a person is affected by the society where one grows. One might have one's individuality but one cannot be away from the effect of society on oneself. We are so much conscious of this factor that we often think that if we do like that is what society would think of it. There is the tremendous effect of society on our actions and thought processes.

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    Very nice thread raised by the author. The social environment indeed has a great impact on an individual's overall personality. You can notice it from different examples. The children whose born and brought up in the village area have different personalities compare to the urban children. Village children look unorganised in many cases. Similarly, those children who grew up in a joint family become more social and sharing nature compare to the nuclear family child. So, a good and bad social environment has a great impact on an individual's growth.

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