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    What specialities you yourself find in the culture of India that make you love more and more?

    India is a very unique country in all aspects like culture, traditions, languages we use, the way of living etc. As an Indian we love our country and we admire our country. The culture and traditions what we acquired from our ancients are very unique and they are keeping us very high from all others. Our ancient language is the basis for so many other anguages in the world. The food tradition and food culture what we follow from our ancient times keeping us healthy and fit. The various ingredients what we use in preparing our food will give whole lot of nutrients to the body and the use of these ingredients has a scientific thinking behind them. I think, Indian food is the best type of food freshly when compared to stale food mostly consumed in European countries. What are your good thoughts about this topic in your mind.
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    There are many good things about our culture and one thing that I find unique is the use of natural ingredients in our food. The spices we use are in one way or other good for our health. People world over are taking a note if Indian culture and way of life and trying to imitate it.

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    I completely agree with author's view. Indeed, Indian culture is unique where different religion and languages are used. Being so many variety of culture we love each other. We enjoy celebrating different festival like holi,I'd, diwali, Christmas etc. Whether our religion may different but we enjoy every festival with same sentiment. Here people of every religion has same opportunity to celebrate their festival. No bias is done in case of religion.
    Hindi is national language of our country so mostly Indian try to speak this languages. Indian costume is also better than western costume. Regarding food, we are also lucky where we believe in having cooked food whereas in foreign countries, people eat uncooked non- veg item. Indian culture is considered as one of the best culture in case of family system. We believed in joint family system. Even today, many family living in joint family which gives strength to our family.

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    Well i think the camaraderie is always the lovable part of it. Many people see it as a big win for most of us and i think no one can deny the fact that it is really doing well than most of us think since there are some others who can deal with it in a way where we can thrive as a whole with no limits at this point.

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