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    ISC management has to give guidance about the features of social village before we venture is our new channel where are finding so many sections like in ISC. But in each section we find there are various categories and subcategories. These are somewhat different from ISC. So the management has to detailed information regarding how these categories and subcategories works in each section. Ask expert also can be added in this site like also ISC. GK MCQ bank also can be maintained in this site so that it will be useful for all those who are preparing for competitive exams. English MCQ grammar exercises also will be beneficial for the growth of the channel. Websites with grammar content will flourish. Hope management will include more and more attractive new items to the site.
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    Very nice information was given by the author. If so many sections are added to this site then definitely it would also grow like ISC. I also want this site to be active at the earliest.

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    As of now, contributions are primarily to be put up in our forum only. Various categories have already been put up and we hope all of you especially like the unique one of the community nook and its sub-categories! Text for each one will also be displayed so you are requested to read what is put at the top in order to select the correct category. The text will give you a general idea of the type of thread that you can submit for discussion in that particular category. Work on the other sections will take time and how to go about contributing to those will be explained once the admin. has fine-tuned them.

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    Thank you ma'am for quick response to my query.

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    As the canvas of areas for writing articles is quite wide in this site, I hope that we all will definitely find our interest area for submitting some of the articles here. From that angle we can prepare some articles for submission to this site.

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