Use Grammarly while posting on this site too


To make any website popular one important aspect is the readability of its contents. Though Social Village is a sister site of India Study Channel (, it has its own URL ( and cannot remain dependant for contents on the main website. It is expected that in the beginning, mostly the members of ISC will join this site though, the members can always refer others to contribute to this site.

The interesting point here is since Social Village is comparatively new and has much less content compared to ISC it will be easier for a new member, not associated with ISC, to surf through the contents and get a first-hand impression of the site. So every member has a role here and that is to post error-free and good quality content. It is expected that everyone will use the online tool Grammarly while posting on this site too to help them make the content free of grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. If you have not already installed the Grammarly plugin do it from the following link and post contents using it. I am sure your writing experience will be much better after using the tool.