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    When will social village also be similar to ISC?

    It is a fact that ISC is a long engaged portal where the substantial contribution is made daily by various members. As we know social village is also a part of ISC, then why is it still decreasing in contribution. If the reason for this is because the members are busy, then it is understandable, but if the reason for this is the disinterest of the members, then I think we members should increase our contribution in the social village, by doing this it will also prove to be automatically interesting. Along with the members, the editors should also be involved.
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    I agree with the author's view. I think nobody taking interest in this site. ISCian should come forward to contribute to this sister site. If few members start contributing then gradually another member will also start contributing.

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    I really do not know but i do hope that we can get to the best part of it soon. I just want to see the end of it and put up a way where we can all find the next step in looking for a better change in what we want to see in the coming days as we know that there are big requirements needed for the job.

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