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    Technology proved a boon in this pandemic

    Just imagine if we would not have technology during the COVID-19 pandemic, how would all children get education, how would we buy groceries and there are many things that we could not do if technology is not there. Nowadays almost everything is online, people work online, children study online, we talk to our friends online, and we buy many things online. Our life would become boring without technology because it would be the only source to be connected with the world socially after the pandemic comes in this world. No doubt Technology is proved a boon to us in this COVID-19.
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    Technology helped greatly in the containment and treatment of the disease. Since the disease was quarantined, health officials could focus on combating and curing the disease. The development of new technology to fight the disease made it easier to track and quarantine the infected. This new technology included the internet, cell phones, and e-mail, which doctors and public health officials used to communicate with each other.

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    It was the use of technology that helped in containing the outbreak of the superflu. People could report the cases on web based reporting system. This helped in mapping the infection. Hospitals could use the data to control it. Also by tracking the locations the spread could be found.

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