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    How some people never change

    The other day I was using the lift at our apartment complex. The lift is a most modern one, with doors opening and closing automatically. Though not required, there are buttons for opening/closing the doors and one gentle push is enough to open or close. At times, I come across kids, impatient to wait till the door closes. They would press the close button and keep it pressed till the door closed. Sometimes I would advise them not to keep the button pressed as one gentle push is enough. Most take sportingly. However, on this day, I came across a middle-aged gentleman repeating the same thing. As a good samaritan conscious of protecting society/public property, I gently suggested that one push of the button is enough. All of a sudden, he flew into a rage. Whether I thought him an illiterate person or how I dared educate him, he continued to rattle till the lift came to the next stop, where I hurriedly exited. All this time I didn't reply back, knowing its futility. On my behalf, however, another person who was in the lift justified my stance. It's true, some people never change, whatever their age or position.
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    That is true. Some people never understand the point that is being told by others. They think they are correct and they know everything. They will never change. It is our time waste trying to educate them and trying to put some sense in their minds.

    I have neighbor who is very proud and never cares for anybody. He never hesitates to spoil the material of others to safeguard his own material. Many people tried to change him but no use.

    Some people never bother to protect common property. They feel it is not theirs. That gentle man who was misusing the lift should know that, if something happens to the lift, he will also suffer. There are some people who will go a step further. They spoil the property but try to educate others by telling them some lessons.

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    This is a major problem in many places, where people think it is fine to do as they please, and consider it a "right" to do so. Let's consider an example of staying in a hotel. The guest feels that since he is paying for staying there, they can use the room however they want to. They will fling wet towels on the floor, throw their clothes around, switch on all the lights even when not required, not bother to pick up some food particles that have fallen on the floor, etc

    In the case of kids in lifts, I think it would be good if parents set an example and teach them how to not only use the buttons, but how to travel safely in them. We have often read reports of unfortunate deaths of children who assume the lift is there and on opening the door step into empty space and plunge down. There was a case of a girl sticking her head into the window space of the lift while playing outside and getting hit by the lift coming down. At least someone could have put cardboard across that open window and put a warning sign, with a tape not just stretched across, width wise, but in a rectangular perimeter around the space in front of the lift. That would prevent anyone from even getting close to the door lift. Everyone thinks someone else should do something, instead of taking the initiative. In fact, I am of the opinion that kids should not be allowed in lifts without an accompanying adult to ensure their safety. Parents often blithely allow their kids to go down on their own to play in the compound, not realizing that at any time, in the blink of an eye, some mishap can occur.

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    Some people are very selfish and they always think about themselves only. In addition to that they have some bad habits of not listening to others and be adament in what they think about a matter. These people have got a lose temperament and will become angry on small things. In fact from their behaviour we can make out as what type of family they belong, their background, and the environment in which they have grown up.

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