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    Kindly include more categories under this heading

    We need more categories under this heading about Social village. The categories can be Food, Travel, local cultures, festivals, attire, shopping, specialties of places, and so on. For example, if one were to be given these options, it is quite possible that any traveler would have something to relate to, and that could be very interesting. For example, in several parts of AP, there are good restaurants, that are pure vegetarian restaurants, that serve the fabulous "brinjal floating in oil" recipe. This is a very tasty AP special, though the Tamil and Kerala versions are available as well, in those States.

    But if the dish is served every day of the week, the tourist can go to the specific hotel and enjoy the experience. Similarly, there are many who are interested in fashion and the way they dress. It is fine if they are well-informed about local cultures. This will enable them to adjust to the local cultures.
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    AB Sivakumar,

    I think you have not explored all the categories of the forum. I have put in text at the top of each to convey what kind of content can be put in each. Thus, in the Social Village category, members can introduce themselves, inquire about features of the site, raise a query about some post getting deleted, give suggestions (like you have done now), etc.

    For posts about cuisine, travel, fashion, etc I have created the very unique Community Nook category. Please read the text at the top of each sub-category. In case there is a topic that does not fit into the sub-categories over there, you can use the 'Miscellaneous' category.

    Let me know if you require further clarifications.

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