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    Let's invite others and build our Social Village!


    We are a fledgling site and keen to see it grow, step by step. For a start, let us invite our friends, acquaintances, and even family members, to register and join. They can begin with participation in the forum and then start submitting quality content through articles on varied topics after reading the articles submission guidelines.

    As mentioned in the welcome thread, we would like all of you to first start contributing articles related to finance. Here are some suggestions-
    1. SIP - pros and cons
    2. Home loans from banks v/s private finance companies
    3. Best tips to building your savings
    4. The importance of ________ insurance [home/business/medical]
    5. How to select a good life insurance policy
    6. How to select a good retirement investment plan
    7. Marketing strategies for new products
    8. Role of a Business Analyst

    You can even write on similar topics specifically with relevance to India. For example, you can check out the official websites of different banks in India and find out what they kind of personal loans they are offering, the interest rate, the eligibility criteria, etc and write an article on three to five major banks. In such a case, put in 'India' in the title for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
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    Thanks for the advisory. There is a lot of scope and variety related to which we can contribute in this site. I wish more members would join here and the site will progress ahead.

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    A good suggestion from the webmaster. There is a good scope to write articles on the subjects mentioned above. But we require some knowledge about the subject to write a good article. Anyhow, hope people will come up and start writing articles and submit here.

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    Finance topic is an interesting topic to start with. I too will be focussing on the topics mentioned. Thanks Vandana Ma'am!

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