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    Technology is making human beings lazy

    I have seen a sea change in the lifestyles of people. A housewife used to toil in the kitchen for completing her work. Carrying water in vessel from the well, grinding the items manually etc were used to make her tired. But the present day kitchen is entirely different. No manual work is required. Technology brought many equipment that is useful for her in the kitchen.

    Earlier we used to get up to switch on and switch off lights and fans. But now we need not move from the place we are sitting and we can put on and put off fans and lights using remotes. Thus the physical work for a person is coming down. They are becoming lazy. Hope other members will be in agreement with me.
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    This was going to happen and is as per the expected lines. When more facilities and more gadgets are available in our lives then we become master of all those robots who are working for us. The interesting part of this story is that today because there are so many facilities available there is no scope for manual work and then people are forced to go to gym or some health centre for keeping their health in good shape.
    My grandmother did everything with her hands and was so busy that when in the night she went to sleep then she got a deep and sound sleep till next morning. She did not require any gym or any exercise because she was already under a lot of physical strain just by doing the household and other jobs.

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    I will like to add that human nature is generally such that it avoids manual work. It is only because people worry about their health and physique that they are driven for doing some manual work or go to gym or go for long walks. Given a choice most of the people will like to take rest. Moreover social media and internet have become the main factors for people to stay glued to their smartphones and sit idly.

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    I completely agree with author's view. Technology has made us cripple. Our dependency on technology is increasing day by day. During covid, we were totally dependent on technology but after that it's importance is not being less. All age group has become a slave to electronic gadgets. As a result, health problem is increasing day by day. Our lifestyles are so bad that we have to pay on the cost of health. One side where technology is developing our life. On other hand, it is making our lives worse.

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    I cannot accept it as a sweeping statement. But I accept it partially. That is because, for anything or everything human approach, attitude and response is not universally same. Technological advancement s also has different uses, and applications; appreciation and apprehensions. As the saying goes, one man's medicine may be another's poison. Many times opinions are tinted by the vision glass we wear.
    While the author says technological advancement has mad people lazy, my opinion is that it has enabled people to be multitaskers. Technology ha increased productivity, people's mobility, and response pace in times of urgency. It gives fast relief during catastrophes and disasters.

    At the individual level technology advancement has reduced human labour, toiling time and gives extra time for people to undertake more tasks, pursue hobbies, increase communication, visit friends and relatives, visit places on tour and pilgrimage, increase knowledge by reading and other ways, explore much more research and further developments. comfort and entertainment.
    Had it not been for the technology, I would not have ben able to post this response at this time after finishing all my other priority tasks. I would no have found time and even if found I would have been too tied due to physical exertion on all those tasks.

    Yes as every coin has two sides, there ma be some negatives too for technology advancements too. But it for us to select the positive side and also mitigate the negativity also.

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