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    Let us play the word game of synonyms!

    Synonym of a word is another word which means almost similar meaning though these words might be used in different situations and contexts. Let us go through some examples of synonyms. Air and wind. Happy and glad. Speak and talk. To make it interesting let us include equivalent phrases also like - progress and step up.
    Now let us play the game of synonym. I will give a word and each member have to mention one of its synonym. Generally a word will have 4-5 easy synonyms and then some difficult one. Once synonyms are exhausted we would start the game with a new word. To make this thread interesting the members can write one or two sentences using the synonym they are mentioning.

    I start the game now with the word - good.
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    Nice concept. I suggest we could also submit sentences on the synonym, and submit like this-

    1. Good - Up to the mark.
    2. After the pandemic, while a few sectors, like hospitality, have slowly got back on their feet, the recovery of others, such as of small manufacturing units, has not been up to the mark.

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    1. Nice.
    2. A good person will behave with family, friends, and relatives in a nice way.

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    I think you have given the next word, and not another synonym for good. So here's my submission-
    1. Nice- Enjoyable.
    2. While most trips are quite enjoyable, once in a while we may have a very disagreeable experience!

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    1. Nice - Pleasant.
    2. It was a pleasant surprise for me to see my friend in that market.

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    1. Nice- Good looking
    My granddaughter is appearing nice in her new dress
    2. Nice- Tasty
    The dish made by my wife is very nice to eat.

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    1. Nice = Lovely.
    2. When I visited the temple on the mountain top I found the site very lovely.

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    Next word- Surprise
    1. Amaze
    2. India's diverse festivals never ceases to amaze me.

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    1. Surprise = Astonish.
    2. When we talked to that boy we were astonished by his knowledge.

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    Surprise = astound
    The talent of that singer astound me and made me to hear again and again.

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    Surprise = Shock
    I was shocked with his offensive behaviour.

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    Next word - Think.
    1. Think = Opine.
    2. Whatever I was opining about him turned out to be wrong.

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    1. Think - Ruminate
    2. After much rumination about the pros and cons of the product, Xavier decided the benefits outweighed the minor defects and decided to purchase it.

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    Next word - Time.

    1. Time - Schedule
    2. Despite our best efforts to manage tasks, quite often our schedule will go haywire!

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    1. Time = Instant.
    2. The crucial thing was expected to happen at that instant.

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    1. Time = Hour.
    2. Our activities should be as per the particular hour of the day.

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