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    Let's write something colourful!

    The colourful festival of Holi is just a few days away and this vibrant, fun festival is celebrated across the nation and even in other countries where the India diaspora enjoy it with equal fervour. Let us, too, welcome this festival in our very own village!

    Here's what you have to do- Write anything you want with three different colours mentioned in the text. Do not submit any links. Each member can submit up to a maximum three entries (you can submit just one also if you want), but each entry should be of a different type. For example, if you write a short story, the other two entries should not be stories. Each entry should be submitted in a different response to this thread. Since you cannot submit a third response after two consecutive ones, if required, I will put in a response to facilitate the next entry.

    You can submit stories, poems, a general write-up, a conversational piece...anything at all. The blank canvas is yours. Let your creative juices run riot in a colourful way!

    We may give enhanced points to all entries and may award quality submissions with cash credits up to a maximum of 12cc.

    Note- once you submit your entry, it will be automatically locked, so you will not be able to edit and make changes.

    Closing date for entries: 7th March 2023.
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    My first entry -
    There are many festivals observed in our country but Holi is a unique one. It is filled with much fun and fair. People use dry as well as wet colours and sprinkle them on each other and enjoy the mist of colours hanging in the atmosphere. But every lamp has a shadow below it and the colours used in Holi festivals are harmful for our body and create a number of allergic conditions in throat, skin, and chest. It is imperative that we should use good quality colours from reliable sources and use them in minimal quantity.
    In some places people are replacing the colours with flower petals and that is an environment friendly effort.
    Let us all take a pledge that in the coming Holi festival we will not use the bad colours and will limit ourselves to hug each other and wish happy Holi. That would be the real spirit of Holi.

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    I always feel proud to see the Indian tricolour flag flying high in the sky. Indian flag is designed by a Telugu man by the name Pingali Venkiah and later on, some changes were made. It contains three colours saffron, white and green; with the Ashoka Chakra, a 24-spoke wheel, in navy blue at its centre in a horizontal rectangular cloth. There is a flag code in India and as per this the height and width of the flag should be always in the ratio of
    2 : 3. There is a standard for making the flag designed by BSI. In this standard, they will mention the size of the Asoka Chakra based on the size of the flag.

    The three colours in the flag are indicative of the qualities of a good human being. The saffron colour indicates the importance of courage and sacrifice, the white colour indicates the necessity of peace and truth, and the green colour talks about the necessity of faith and chivalry.

    As true citizens of this country, we all should follow the qualities that are indicated through the colour code in our flag. Then only we can say we are respecting our national flag.

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    Holi, a festival of colours, brings happiness and many people celebrate the festival with different colours, colourfully. But that festival left an unforgettable mark on the life of that lady.

    She, Valli, was a schoolteacher. She went out on her two-wheeler with her deaf and dumb sister to play holy with her friends. They enjoyed it with colours for about 3 or 4 hours. Some people sprayed yellow liquid on the dresses of their friends. Some brought red colour powder and some brought green colour. All of them were school teachers and some of their students also participated in the celebrations.

    Around 11 AM, all of them dispersed and Valli started back. On the way, another scooterist collided with her and both the ladies fell down and Valli was unconscious. The luckiest thing was the accident took place just opposite a corporate hospital and immediately she was admitted and information was passed on to her family members.

    Doctors took necessary care and she was declared out of danger after 3 days in ICU. They told her that the helmet on her head only saved her. But that accident left a mark on her forehead and whenever she sees her face in a mirror that mark will make her remember the accident.

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    My second entry -
    Holy festival was on the anvil and Raman's mother asked him to go to market and bring some items so that she could prepare some sweets and other items in the house. She asked Raman to note down the items and Raman took a paper slip and noted down all the items as mentioned by his mother. One of the items was colour powder in three colours.

    Raman took his bicycle and went to the nearby market which was hardly a kilometer from his house. He bought the items from a provision shop and saw some hawkers sitting on footpath selling colours in small plastic pouches. He was attracted to those colours and was trying to select three out of that. As many colours were available he was confused to choose which ones. The hawker saw that the boy was getting confused so he selected three pouches having colours red, green, and yellow and Raman was happy to see that and gave the hawker money and rushed back to the house.

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    My third entry -
    Holi is not only a festival of fun and frolic but also a festival of open love and affection with our family members, friends, and other people in nearby societies or in that locality. This is a time when we hug each other, colour each other's face and enjoy the pleasant intimacy which is normally not available otherwise.

    People use different colours to put on each other's face and enjoy the company. But we have to use soft and light colours which are no way offensive in their appearance. For example using black and dark grey or dark brown colours is not a very good idea. A question arises what type of colours we should use during this festival? In my opinion we should use soft colours and light colours which make us happy and make our mood appropriate to the fun event during Holi. I would suggest that we should use light yellow, light orange, light green and light red or pink colours. Of course other light colours which are near to these colours can also be used depending on the availability. But main idea is to avoid the dark and ugly looking colours.

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    Good to see at least two members participating in this activity. I hope more members join in soon.

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    Teacher: Students. You know that we say white is a colour.
    Students: Yes. Sir.
    Teacher: But white is a mixture of colours. Did you know this?
    Students: No, Sir.
    Teacher: White is a mixture of seven colours. These colours are Violet, Indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Please see this wheel. I think you are all able to see these seven colours on the wheel.
    Students: All the colours are visible sir. They form a part of the wheel and each colour is having equal space on the wheel. These colours make us remember the Rainbow in the sky.
    Then the teacher calls Mahesh a student in the class.
    Teacher: Mahesh. Come here and rotate the wheel holding the handle.
    Mahesh: Yes sir. Moves near the wheel and starts rotating the wheel by holding the handle.
    As the wheel moves around the colours on the wheel disappear and only white colour starts appearing on the wheel. Mahesh continues rotating the wheel fast.
    Teacher: Students, Please see the wheel and tell me what you are able to see.
    Students: Sir. now only white colour is visible.
    Teacher: This experiment shows you that white is a mix of seven colours as mentioned above.
    Students: Thank you, teacher. Now we will never forget that white is a combination of colours.

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    Holi is one of the most popular festivals in India. It is known as a festival of colors. it is celebrated with great pomp and enthusiasm throughout the country. It's generally celebrated in February or early March and is one of the most important and extensively observed Hindu carnivals. Like many other festivals in India, this festival is also a symbol of good over evil. We celebrate holi by splashing colors and water on family and friends. There are some stories behind this festival. Here is a glance of the story:-

    One day Bal kanaiya asked his mother, "Maiya mori Radha Kyun Gori aur mein Kyun kala?" Maa Yashodha told him, "what difference does it make, even if Radha is Kaali she will still be Radha and if you are gora you will still be my Kanha. She said if you want to check for yourself why don't you apply any color at Radha."

    The next day Kanha took some colors and splashed them on his Radha. And then Radha also took some colors and splashed them on her kanaha, looking at this fun activity all their friends joined in. And played with colors and had a lot of fun. From that day, we play holi to celebrate innocence, friendship, and platonic love between family and friends.

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    I thank webmaster for creating this interesting contest in this site (can we mention it as SV?) which is now looking up and progressing ahead. Once the site is linked with Google AdSense advertisements then we will be in a much comfortable position. It is imperative that till that time members have to contribute and make this site ready for that. As per my understading more we contribute, that linkage would be happening earlier. So in the capacity of an enthusiastic member I request all to populate this site with good content.

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    Thank you, Umesh. Yes, it would be good if more members not only join and participate in the forum, but, primarily, contribute good content in the form of articles.

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