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    Why not have a National Week Celebration every year?

    In India, unless the Government acts, nothing can be done. In this connection, a suggestion that can be considered is to have a National Week Celebration, possibly during the period of Jan 14 to 21, during which the Sankranti festival is held in most parts of India.

    This can be done through cultural exchange. The idea is to encourage National Integration and this can be done in four major districts of every state, by organizing cultural festivals. Everything should be done in a systematic manner. For example, apart from the five Southern States, Tamil Nadu can host Orissa and Bengal in 2024 and then move on to host Chattisgarh and say, Punjab in 2025. The next round goes to Karnataka which hosts two other States apart from the five South Indian States and so on. The States can have collaborative efforts and the special trains will have sponsors at various stations, where volunteers can serve the passengers food and so on.

    There should be sponsors at the places where the cultural functions are held and the entire week should have a variety of cultural programs of the participating States, and even some lessons on the basics of the different languages through YouTube videos and so on. Food fairs showcasing different food items can also be held. Cooks can be brought from different areas and the different types of food should be cooked and served at very reasonable prices.

    Of course, the planning and execution should be done through several committees and this can be done with clockwise precision.

    We need such celebrations, far more than the stage-managed declarations or voices about National Integration.
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    This is a very good idea to celebrate our cultural and traditional things during the time of Sankranti in the month of January every year. It can be done by the government agencies along with support from sponsoring groups and public. People will definitely welcome this move and participate in this event during the entire week and it will be a great attempt to feel and enjoy our culture, tradition, and other things which are available in plenty in our Indian heritage and this will also help in understanding our culture in a more detailed form. The most important thing for any community is its culture, tradition, religion, and other beliefs under which our generations had survived and progressed and flourished.

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    National week celebrations may be useful to create a conducive atmosphere between different cultures and living styles. These celebrations will give a chance to people interact with people from different systems and cultures. This celebration may give a chance to the people to understand others well. At the same time, we can understand the positives in other cultures and we can incorporate the new things learned into our system so that the system will get updates. A team can be formed at the national level to work out the modalities and teams can be formed at every state level and plan the celebrations.

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    Any activity which helps in preserving our culture and showcasing our traditions and rituals is a welcome measure. Already there is a ministry of culture in our country under which time to time many functions and fairs are arranged in which local artists participate and present their creative arts. These functions can also be integrated with the proposed national week celebrations.

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