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    How was Holi festival in your place?

    Holi is a festival which is observed in many places in our country. It is a festival of colour, joy, and entertainment. It is a festival of much fun and frolic. In some places it is observed in a big way and in those areas offices and markets are also closed and people simply roam here and there from one society to other and meet their friends and relatives and other people in the area and enjoy the festival by having sweets and snacks at different houses and by the time it is lunch time they return to their houses, take bath, and then enjoy a late lunch and then relax in the afternoon.
    How was Holi festival in your place? Did you participate and enjoy? Please share.
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    I am not seeing much activity this year in Hyderabad. Some establishments are closed on the 7th and some on the 8th. I used to see many people moving on the roads for two days with colours. But today I almost travelled 25 Km so far but I have not seen many such groups.
    When I was working full-time in an organisation, all the employees of the organisation used to celebrate this festival very actively. But now there are no such activities. In our house, we have no custom of celebrating this festival. My sons who attend their offices and granddaughters who attend school may have some fun in their places.

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    In Navi Mumbai where I live, Holi was observed on 7th March. It was confined to the housing societies and some localities and the market was partially open. In some societies people arranged DJ and had songs and music they danced to its tune for 2 - 3 hours. In some other societies people had contributory lunch and after playing Holi they had their lunch in the afternoon. Some elders and some other people who are not much interested in Holi took their bath in early hours and then just went to their balconies to see the Holi festival going around.

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    I don't participate in Holi festivities as I just don't like to be plastered with colour or splashed with water! Only once have I played it when I was staying with a relative in the north some years ago.

    In my locality, there were happy revellers roaming around and throwing colour on each other. One group had got drums, too, and were singing and dancing, and I could also hear some songs and music on a sound system emanating from another place. All in all, lots of people enjoyed the festival.

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    Our country is so big geographically and Holi festival is celebrated in different places differently. In many northern states there is a lot of action and people come out on the streets throwing colours on each other but in many southerly states the celebrations are limited to a few pockets.

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