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    After fifty years attended temple festival in the village I was born

    Yesterday was a special day to me and I was nostalgically excited.

    After a gap of about more than fifty years I could attend the opening day of the ten day festival in the village where I was born. It was doubly exciting because I could visit my classmate of four years from- class one to class four. I could also visit a few more child hood fronds, who were also family friends.

    It was special because I took my wife, son and daughter-in-law also with me. It was a novel experience for them as it was for the first time they were witnessing the full procedures and temple rituals connected with the flag hoisting for the temple festival.

    For me it was a chance after about more than fifty or fifty five years, because I had left the village when I was nine years old and afterwards though I visited a few times, I did not attend the temple festival.

    It was a nostalgic visit and recall for me, but it was a new connection for my family as they got well with my friends' family.
    Hope many of you may also have some such experiences to narrate.
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    Yes, it is indeed a beautiful experience, and not just in terms of nostalgia and excitement to revisit a place of another era. It is something that would likely make one overwhelmed with emotion.

    Just last month I happened to be in the locality of my school for some work and, on impulse, headed there. I had not gone back to the school after completing Class 10 so many eons ago. As I walked down the roads leading to it, I was fascinated to see many of the residential buildings of those days still around, even their names coming instantly to mind and recalling ones in which a few classmates stayed and which I visited during birthday parties. The security guard kindly allowed me in the lobby area from where it was good to see the familiar school building, the play equipment for KG, and the large courtyard with the basketball court. On returning home that day, I said "Dil bhara!" (my heart is filled).

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    True. We feel excited when such a chance comes to us. I studied intermediate in a small town near my native village. Almost after 40 years, our classmates arranged a get-together and I attended the same with my family. All my classmates came with their families and it has given all of us immense happiness. We all recollected those days. The event took place on the college premises and hence we could see the buildings and the classrooms where we heard lessons from our teachers. After that, some of my friends are in regular contact and they have become family friends now. Again we may meet this year in the same place so that we can revisit our old acquaintances.
    In my native village, there will be a Village Goddess function every year. The function will be just one day before Ugadi, the Telugu new year's day. Sometimes it happened that I was in my native place and hence has the luck of having the darshan of the village Goddess This year I have no plan to go there as of now.

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    Going back to our roots is always an exciting, thrilling, and fulfilling experience.
    In my case also it is similar but I am yet to experience that as I am waiting for that opportune time. Due to my fluctuating health condition I could not visit my home town for last 30 years. As per the information and pictures that I receive from my relatives and friends, it seems that the place has undergone a lot of changes but I have yet to see that with my own eyes.
    Our ancestral house is taken care by my uncle's children and they are insisting me to visit there at least once. If I go there then we have to do many things there including Puja in the local temple.
    So, if everything goes well then I might visit my city as well as village, this year or next year, which are located in the serene and picturesque surroundings in the hill state of Uttarakhand.

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