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    Avoid bulk posting before earlier content is approved - a suggestion

    Dear members,

    It is good to see the enthusiastic manner in which you have started contributing articles, and we do appreciate it. We would like to request you all, though, to kindly wait till your already-submitted content has been approved before moving to submit new content. You see, it is possible that some of your articles may be shifted to pending and you need to make the necessary rectifications. In rushing to submit new content, you are likely to forget to make those necessary corrections.

    Quality wise, too, please pay attention to which category you are placing the article in, the title of the article, the summary, and the association between the topic and the main content. It is to be found that sometimes the content of the article is in no way related to the article's topic, or that it tends to meander, or has very vague text. It is also a good idea to interlink related articles.

    Let us be a bit more systematic in our approach in terms of quantity (confirming submitted content is fully approved), and, of course, quality.

    If you need any guidance for articles, you can get your doubts cleared in a response to this thread.
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    I feel envy that some members are able to contribute (especially articles) in a bulk manner. I am yet to open my score in that category.
    Anyway, it makes sense to be slowly and steadily in one's approach.

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    I would also request members to inter-link articles. You can put in a link to an article written by you on a similar topic or even a different topic, or one written by another member. You just need to use the search box and find an article related to some keyword. For example, if you have put the word 'happy' you could locate an article on happiness. Even a word like 'money' that you may have put on an article related to health can be linked to an article on finance.

    The benefit of putting such links is that the reader will read multiple articles and continue to stay in the site rather than just reading the one article and exiting the site. Once ads start appearing, this could be great as, possibly, a few clicks at the various pages may generate revenue.

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    Giving relevant links to the local contents in the site makes great sense as it not only grabs the attention of the reader or surfer but also brings that content in the top of the current feed which is the usual effort for bringing it to limelight.
    Even in our forum posts wherever it is relevant we can present those links.

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    How many days does it normally take for an article to be approved?

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