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    National Technology Day - 11th May 2023

    The 11th and 13th of May 1998 marked the five nuclear tests carried out at Pokhran and became the National Technology Day for India. Get to know in brief about the celebrations carried out today.

    11th May 2023 happens to be the National Technology Day observed in India. It is also celebrated in many countries to honour and recognize the contributions of technology to society. It serves as a reminder of the pivotal role technology plays in shaping our lives, economy, and progress as a nation. On this day, people reflect on the advancements achieved and the transformative power of technology across various fields.

    National Technology Day is an opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the accomplishments of scientists, engineers, innovators, and technologists who have propelled society forward through their remarkable inventions and discoveries. It also aims to inspire future generations to pursue careers in science and technology, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.

    The day is marked by numerous events, seminars, exhibitions, and discussions that showcase cutting-edge technologies and their impact on different sectors. It encourages collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the exploration of emerging trends. It was on this day in 1998, that India conducted its five nuclear test in Pokhran.

    National Technology Day serves as a reminder of our collective responsibility to harness technology for the greater good, ensuring its ethical and responsible use. It is a day to celebrate the incredible possibilities that technology offers and to envision a future where innovation continues to shape and improve our world.

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    On the one hand, we can celebrate the advances made that have innumerable benefits, especially in the field of healthcare and education. On the other hand, there are people who are engaged in nefarious and harmful activities, using technology for creating mayhem.

    The more technology advances, the more wary we become when we do online transactions, download apps, or even click on what seems to be an innocuous link. Technology can be scary, too!

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    My best wishes to all the members of Social Village on the occasion of National Technology Day. It is our duty to acknowledge the services rendered by various scientists to show what is India and what the scientists from India can do. Our Missile Man, APJ Abdul Kalam Ji is instrumental in the progress we are showing in different fields in Defence and Space. My salutations to that esteemed personality for his dedication.
    I am lucky enough to shake hands with him once or twice. I talked to a scientist who shared a hostel room with KalamJI. When he was working in ISRO, Trivandrum, he used to carry missiles on his bicycle and test them. That is the dedication that he has shown for the country.
    We used to celebrate this day in our R&D centre. We used to call a scientist from some other laboratories and arrange a lecture for our staff and we used to facilitate the scientist who addressed us and highlighted some important scientific developments in the field of our interest.

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    A relevant thread. Being a science student I have a natural interest in such topical threads.
    The first Nuclear test conducted by India was in 1974.-also in May(May 18th). That was the real start of India asserting its technological independence capability. The then world 'Big Brothers' who considered India as a country populated with poverty ridden, hungry, unhygienic people; a country where even motor buses are also not available; were shocked and shuddered. The scientific and political communities in all those countries were literally taken by surprise. Even the spy satellite observation and the spy network at ground of the big nations could not get even a remote glimpse about what was going to happen.
    So there was big 'hullabulla' after the seismic sensors picked up the explosion. Sanctions followed.

    Then taking the situations, the external and internal political and other pressures, and having achieved what was primarily intended, the next explosion was delayed till 1998. But our Scientists and Engineers were busy in their own way to increase our scientific and technological advancement.

    Having worked in an organisation crucial to nuclear research,( within a couple of years of first test) I had the occasion to hear first hand information from those who were engaged in some way in the first nuclear test. The truth was that each one knew only a piece of the story, as he was only briefed about what he had to do. None of them, except the few high level and key people, no one knew what was going to happen or what was the project he was working for. It was reported then that, from the satellite pictures even US thought the Indians are doing oil exploration in Rajasthan desert, which they dismissed as foolish and a worthless waste by India idiots.

    I am one of those millions of proud Indians proud about the technological advancements and achievements by our scientists ,technicians and engineers. Let us remember all those selfless people who spent their active life for the country. Let us encourage and support all those who carry on those works now.

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