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Topics to avoid on SV Forum
  • Category: Guidelines & Policies

    Avoiding controversial forum discussions

    Please avoid posting and discussing controversial topics on the SocialVillage website forum.

    Dear All
    I am very happy to note and see so many great write-ups, posts and discussions coming up on our Social Village website. In the world of today, there are many controversial, debatable and political things happening around India. Many of these happenings are bluffed up either by the media or maybe by real situations happening around.
    While these may be great topics to discuss on our website, I strongly suggest avoiding them at all costs. We do not want SocialVillage to become a website of throwing flak at each other. We also do not want any website growth in that direction. Kindly avoid any discussions on war, crime, or civil disturbances in neighbouring countries.
    These topics are also not favoured by Google AdSense policies. Kindly note that if any such discussions are observed, they will be promptly deleted.
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    It is good to avoid such topics. I agree with Dr. Apurva. These discussions will unnecessarily create misunderstandings. Even some members left the site because of such misunderstandings only.
    It is always better to implement the guidelines from the beginning itself so that only interested people may continue.

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    Dr Rao,

    Let's not point fingers at ISC. We have had excellent debates and discussions there and just because one or two members created problems does not mean that overall it was so bad. For whatever reasons a few members left, including due to misunderstandings, it was their choice.

    I would like to request those who are active here to not constantly compare or bring up ISC as an analogy. Let's keep each in their own individual identity.

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    I also agree that we should not post controversial material in this site as that would be detrimental to its growth. Members can post some interesting and knowledge enhancing material so that the traffic to the site also increases. Once we start getting more traffic then the site will start earning also and that would be a good news for the participating members.
    I wish and hope that under the guidance of Shri Apurva Tamhane we would surely achieve our goals.

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