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    Introducing Facebook and Instagram Pages of Social Village website

    Dear All Villagers at Social Village 😃

    Our website which already has a web address, now has new homes on Facebook and Instagram. Our Facebook and Instagram pages will be our hub of activities and a lot of engagement to build upon!

    With these Social Media pages, we intend to:

    • Build a solid online presence
    • Promote products and services
    • Interact with customers through:
      • posts
      • comments
      • and messaging.

    Our Instagram page will focus on visual content. It will provide a platform for our members to showcase their:

    • Creativity
    • Share photos
    • Videos and
    • Engage with followers through:
      • likes
      • comments and
      • direct messages.

    Both platforms offer valuable marketing opportunities, community building, and a way to stay connected in today's digital world. So dear Villagers, feel free to join our Facebook and Instagram pages and get new content to your smart devices in the coming days!

    Visit us on our Facebook Page over here and our Instagram Page over here.

  • #26883
    I have visited the Facebook page. It appears to be good and I think activity will pick up slowly. But the Instagram page says sorry, this page is not available. I think something went wrong. This is just for the information of the concerned. Hope we will see increased activity in the coming days.

  • #26885
    Let me check and get back. I can still access the Instagram page through my laptop. But let me see if there is an issue with the app.
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  • #26886
    @Rao Sir
    I did check the Instagram Page and it is set up well. I also added a post to it and it did turn up well. For your ease, I am putting up the QR code to scan and connect with the page. Do let me know if you are able to connect on Instagram.
    SV Instagram QR Code

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  • #26887
    Now I have opened the page on my mobile and it is working alright. I tried it on my Laptop also. It is working well. I think more followers will come and join now on Instagram and facebook pages.

  • #26888
    I am working on Desktop. Facebook page opened. Instagram gave regret message.

  • #26889
    Venki Sir I think it will open properly for all in a day or two. Please keep a watch on it and let me know if you still face issues.
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  • #26957
    I think it is a very good step and would help this site in many ways. I would also visit them and follow up.

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