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    Members avoid making SV be a replica of present ISC; keep it general

    Maybe erstwhile ISCians, the hangover can be felt in SV also.
    ISC is now a dedicated education focus site. Hence the generalists in ISC were hinted to migrate(join) Social Village which will be a site for general social content for reading and discussions.
    But I see even here some recent forum threads are on education topics. Can't we avoid such focus threads and post them in ISC and keep SV a general social format discussion site? But they are also welcome among other subjects.
    SV is stated to be a" social sharing website.", Let us keep Social Village a true social sharing site in letter and spirit.
    Your opinions, please.
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    I do not wholly agree about keeping education-related topics totally off the grid here. I think once in a while we should allow it, since all topics are welcome here. So we could have a really small percentage of discussions related to education and give 99% weightage to other topics.

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    We have to post topics on various subjects and that would include education also without giving any emphasis on any particular subject. That would help in making this a general site. The beauty of general site is that many surfers will prefer to visit it over a specialised site. So we can always have that advantage in social village.

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    Hello Venki Sir!
    So nice to see you around here on the SocialVillage website. I can understand your point of view to keep Education posts only on IndiaStudyChannel. And I also understand that since you are present also on ISC, you may want to avoid the same on SV. But having Education only posts is a requirement of IndiaStudyChannel, it is not so on SocialVillage. 😊

    In fact, SocialVillage is still so much in its infancy, and we do not even know how it will grow! What will be SocialVillage website known for? What new things will come up on this website? Would SocialVillage be another hub of articles or would it also host products and services? Since we want to reach out to people with socialism, there could be a large number of end users coming to the website.

    I suggest that let all education big gun articles go on ISC, but SV could host a few, as naturally as it can. What are your thoughts about it?

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    I feel activity on this site should increase and the content should be good. Dr. Apurva in his detailed thread mentioned what are the topics that are to be avoided on this site. He said controversial subjects should not be posted. If the content is good and if there is good scope for discussion even topics related to education may also be good, I feel. Members may visit regularly and post their content as well and they can participate in discussions. Then automatically a clarity will come and things will fall in place I think.

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    What I meant is explained in Web Masters Vandana's and Dr.Apurva Tamhane's responses.

    I just meant that education need not get excess weightage, and it can be on among many other subjects and topics in the natural way as it comes to the members .
    I am sure SV will grow by keeping its position in the general landscape. It may start as a trickle ..but lead to avalanche.
    Members' confidence and loyalty is a prime factor to cultivate from start. Technical points are apart-they are easy to get present-day.

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    It is hoped that regular contributions from members like you, Dr Rao and Umesh inspire others, too, to give that loyalty and commitment to this site. I will be submitting a few topics for the Knowledge Centre, including ones for which I genuinely need advice. I think the KC section can really build up the momentum in terms of both, contributions, and traffic.

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