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    Writing my first thread on Social Village

    Since ISC has completely shifted into the education niche, social village gives writers opportunities to get connected on this portal and share opinions on different topics. It is a significant step for writers to contribute to both these portals, and learn, earn and get better in writing skills. And it will help them enjoy the experience of writing stories that fascinate people and stirs interest among the masses.

    India Study channel has produced helpful and informative content for students and it will serve them better after switching completely to an educational site. However, Social Village has a broad range of opportunities available as far the topics or subjects are concerned. There is no binding on the subject, and one can share as much as one wants on any topic that is interesting to him or her.

    Let's hope the site opens new horizons of opportunities for everyone in and out of the site.
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    Welcome Umar to our Social Village community! Glad to have you in our midst, and looking forward to your quality contributions.

    Yes, this portal is a wonderful platform for writing opportunities as well as for great interactions on myriad topics ✨. Let us up the trickle of members and contributions become a surge in a few months and make this site one of the most happening e-spaces!

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    Dear Umar
    A hearty welcome to the SocialVillage website. Congratulations on becoming a villager on SocialVillage. Here are a few quickies here:
    1. Do find the QR Codes on the sidebar. Scan them to join our Facebook page and Instagram page. We are developing reels, shorts and photos to share and enjoy on the website.
    2. Do contribute to the Forum and the Knowledge Centre. We are coming up with new topics to contribute.
    3. We do not have any cash credits and Google AdSense on SocialVillage. But we will come up soon with earning opportunities. But if you would instead want to spend some chill pill, laid back, relaxing quality time without the earn money adrenaline push, you are most welcome.
    4. Article section is not active. SocialVillage is going the Knowledge Centre way - a combination of Ask Experts and Articles Sections.

    Feel free to put up any queries on the website. I and Vandana will attempt to answer them.

    Check out all Help guidelines from Social Village

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    I also extend a warm welcome to a senior member of Indiastudychannel, Umar. to this site. Members should contribute quality content to the site so that the site will get popular. Umar is a very well-known member of ISC and he will be contributing in the same way here also, I feel. I wish him all the best on this site.

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