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    First Newsletter of SocialVillage website May 2023

    SocialVillage Villagers Newsletter May 2023 Volume 1

    Hello folks
    This is our first attempt to display a newsletter in PDF format.

    With this newsletter, we will get in touch with our members in more personalised ways.

    SocialVillage Newsletter is a captivating source of community-centric content. With concise articles, it covers diverse topics like local events, social initiatives, and inspiring stories. Engaging readers with its informative snippets, it promotes a sense of belonging and encourages active participation. SocialVillage Newsletter fosters connections, empowers individuals, and enriches community life.
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    Hello All
    Please let me know how do you all feel about the Newsletter in this post. I will be bringing up a newsletter every week. In the making, I did miss out on the links to the tabs. But I will work on making it better.

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    I think it is a good idea to bring out a newsletter. But the newsletter should be designed in such a way that people will regularly visit the site and that will make higher traffic to the site. Anyhow, the top persons from the administration may be having a complete idea about this and they may be designing the same keeping such things in mind only I think. A good idea and I hope it will serve the purpose for which it is intended.

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    It seems to be a good activity on the sides of the site. I could not open it on my mobile phone. So would try on a laptop or tablet.

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