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    Are you enjoying mangoes in this hot summer?

    Many of us are fond of mangoes. We may be awaiting summer to enjoy these mangoes. In Andhra and Telangana, it is a practice to make magi pickles during this season and they will store for the whole year.

    We in the Telugu States make dl combined with mango and it will be very tasty if we add garlic to it. In our house, all of us are fond of this dish and my wife will be making this dish at least once a week during this summer.

    Today in our lunch the menu is dal with mango. Mango pickle just made and mango fruit. So the lunch is full of mango only. Good varieties of mango fruits are available in Hyderabad. So every day we want to have at least one mango fruit.

    Hope other members of the site are also enjoying mangoes in this hot summer.
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    Everyone likes to eat mangoes. As mangoes are only available in the summer season, we all wait for this season to arrive and bring fresh mangoes. My entire family likes to eat mangoes

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    When we were in Madurai, we used to get three baskets of different types of Mangoes from Rajapalayam in our grand father's name. We enjoyed by tasting many types of mangoes as our family elders were liberal on us. Now in Chennai, at the aged time it is not possible to taste mangoes as per our interest. However I have tasted one or two in view of not skipping the season.

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    During the pandemic years, we definitely missed out on eating mangoes and started relishing them again since last year. This year, too, we enjoyed all the varieties locally available. There was the Alphonso, then Kesar, Dasheri, and Pairi. It was sad that due to the unseasonal rains the crops were affected. Hence the quality of the a few that we ate were not as good as they usually are. Now, with the onset of the first rains of the monsoon, we are not buying any more (we've had our fill, too!), and we will slowly see the golden fruits leaving the market.

    I am sure many of you also enjoy the pulpy juice that is sold in the form of 'Aamras' and which is enjoyed the most with hot, fluffy puris. Yummy!

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