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    Social media becoming more and more scaremongering

    Our society is slowly becoming scared and cowardly. Especially because now more and more people are not daring enough to face the realities of life and want to be comfortable in their own cozy zones. Social media directly or indirectly encourages and facilitates this by some true, but mostly false, half-baked, manufactured negative news.

    Today I saw a WhatsApp video clip in which one 'cyber expert' says about the 'embedded' dangers in forwarding or sharing Good Morning messages etc. and frightens every ordinary person about the possibilities of criminal actions and even jail punishment.

    The world has its own risks. There are any number of accidents and any number of criminals around us. But we have to live on with normal prudence and caution. We cannot be paranoid to everything unseen or unknown.

    Another stereotype message and 'expert advice' is about adulterated food items and even agricultural produce. Does it mean that w all have to go without eating anything? They even spread and claim about plastic vegetables and food grains sold as if original. Till date I have not seen any authorized people in the food and agricultural department either negating these frightening claims or accepting it and implementing corrective measures.

    Sure everything will have its negative side. But the scaremongers just spread fear. They do not have any positive alternative to it. How can ordinary people live?
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    Exaggeration of small issues is taking place in social media. We don't understand how reliable the information is. But many people without understanding the implications, simply go on forwarding the messages and unnecessary tensions will be created among the people. This is what many people are experiencing these days.
    I agree with the author that there is danger involved in everything. When a person is walking in the road a vehicle may come and hit the person. Thinking this we can't stop walking on the roads. We have to carry on with our work taking all the required precautions. A ship is safe when it is on the shore but a ship is not meant for that.
    There will be positives and negatives. We have to think properly and then take a decision and continue our living. If we sit on the shore of a sea and wait for the waves to come down. we will be always on the shore only.

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    Social media is a good place for information dessemination but many times it is misleading the people by wrong and deceptive information. A large number of people are addicted to social media and are spending a lot of time in that in going through the various posts and forwarded messages in audio or video formats. A wrong and deceptive message can create a lot of nuisance in society and gullible people can be a victim of it. We have to be very careful while going through social media messages and use our wisdom to understand the real meaning spread by them and not believe blindly.

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