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    Not Stone Age but Stone Paper is in Modern Age

    The other day I got to read about Stone paper. The note claimed that the Stone paper is made of powdered lime stone. It is washable and is tear resistant. Stone paper is also called mineral paper, rich mineral paper or bio-plastic paper. Chemical terms, it is Calcium Carbonate.

    You cannot tear it by hand, but you can cut it with a knife or scissors. Stone paper is both water and fire resistant. It is also said as ecofriendly as it does not need chemical bleaching. The raw material is from quarry waste. Stone paper reduces dependency on trees and forests and reduces deforestation and thus helping environment.
    Like anything, Stone paper has its disadvantages also. As the technology is not that wide spread it is costly now. It is not that printer friendly, especially home printers. It also uses about synthetic resins about 20%. It is not recyclable.
    Stone paper is mainly used in offset lithography and screen print
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    This is quite fascinating news (and I liked the title!). You have mentioned that it is mainly used in offset lithography and screen print. Can it be used for writing, say for students for jotting down notes or by a steno in a Govt. office? Also, would be interested to know the weight of such paper since it is obviously not lightweight.

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    Stone paper is a type of paper. It is made out of calcium carbonate 80% (limestone) and bio-polyethene resin 20% (HDPE). Resin is the binder here. Calcium carbonate mixed with resin will become like a dough and we make it into thin paper sheets. The concept is like making chapati from the dough using a stick. Here calcium carbonate is a mineral available in mines. Limestone will be powdered using a jet mill and then mixed in a mixer with HDPE and then pressed to make it into thin sheets.
    These sheets can be used to make sustainable bags and they can replace even jute bags and cloth bags. They can get into the earth if throw them out also and there is no pollution threat. Limestone is coming from the earth and goes back to earth if we throw it after use. Slowly they will come into use. Already lime stone is having many applications and now with this latest application, the requirement may increase.

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    This is valuable information. Stone paper can be washed and is more durable and will be now more in use in a variety of usage. Most interesting thing is that it is biodegradable and can be disposed so easily.

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