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    God gave us one mouth and two ears

    The message from the creator is very clear to the human being. He sent the message through our creation itself. Only one mouth but two years. We use mouths to talk and ears to hear. The message given is that hear double what you talk.

    We all should give more importance to hearing. By hearing others speak we will get our knowledge enhanced. By speaking we are showing our innocence to others. So hear more so that your wisdom will increase. Then you can fine-tune your talk so that people will appreciate the same.

    Some people will interrupt when others talk. It is not good. It is losing a chance to get some additional information. So a wise man hears and waits for his turn to speak.
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    It is said that wise people talk less, and hear more. By hearing we get a lot of information and learn a great deal about the people and society around us. One should talk when it is really required otherwise it is waste of time.

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    Many among us hear a matter from some one and immediately act on that by sharing with others without knowing the complications coming out of it. That is what the author's view should be considered as hear all the news with two ears but tell by one single mouth with limitation.

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