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June 2023 Knowledge Centre Topic-based Competition! Participate now!
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    New Award based Competition: Artificial Intelligence

    Dear Villagers @ SocialVillage!

    We are announcing our monthly competition for June 2023 at SocialVillage. I hope this competition helps to bring more enthusiasm among our Villagers and bring our website to higher ranks!

    So here goes some information about our competition based on Artificial Intelligence.

    The topics for the competition are listed below:

    How do I participate in the competition?

    To participate in the competition, write a detailed answer to the topics mentioned above. To write an answer, visit the links given above and type your write-ups in the reply box. Only one answer per topic is entertained.

    What will I receive for my answer?

    • All answers will get respective points.

    • The awarded answer will receive cash credits and equal points.

    Note the important points mentioned below

    • This competition will be conducted only in the respective links mentioned above in the Knowledge Centre of SocialVillage website. Answers submitted elsewhere will not be considered.

    • Feel free to write for all the 5 topics given above. One best entry will be considered as nominee for the award.

    • The topics for the competition starts today, viz., 1st June 2023 and ends on 16th June 2023.

    • The scrutiny of all entries to the competition will begin on 17th June 2023 and will complete on 29th June 2023.

    • The results will be announced on 30th June 2023. The award amount will be added directly to the thread. The same will reflect on your respective profiles.

    What are the awards decided for this competition?

    For June 2023, we have a limited entry high award-based Knowledge Centre competition. Only the top 5 eligible write-ups will get a cash credit award. The awards are:

    1. First prize winner: Rs 300 and 300 points

    2. Second prize winner: Rs 250 and 250 points

    3. Third prize winner: Rs 200 and 200 points

    4. Fourth prize winner: Rs 150 and 150 points

    5. Fifth prize winner: Rs 100 and 100 points

    6. All other entries will receive adequate points only and no cash credits.

    7. Also note, if none of the given entries is found eligible for the above-mentioned awards, then appropriate cash credits and points would be awarded on a case-by-case basis.

    How should I write my reply in Knowledge Centre?

    To write a good answer in Knowledge Centre, check the important links in the right sidebar of the website. Good English, original writeups, and proper grammar will be good considerations for the competition.

    So why wait? Get set to start to give your entries for the Artificial Intelligence and help others to update their knowledge

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    Thank you very much sir for starting the first award-based competition at social village. It will really motivate the members to share their knowledge at the social village.

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    This is good that you have started some competition with some rewards and that will motivate members to participate with enthusiasm. In my opinion, rewarding more people even though the amounts are less, more people will get motivated with CC. Of course, this is my feeling and the top bosses of the site may know the issues better than me and they will take an apt decision.

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