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    Do you have a favourite Amul ad? Pay your tributes to Sylvester daCunha

    As you all know, Sylvester daCunha, the creative genius behind the famous Amul ads passed away recently. A tribute to him was released in leading newspapers (image below)

    Tribute to Amul ad Creator Sylvester daCunha


    Those Amul ads will remain etched in our memory for a long, long time. It was the combination of the little girl in her polka dotted dress and the witty one-liner to represent a current happening that captivated us for decades. Some of the ads echoed poignant moments, like the case of Nirbhaya or the passing away of a legend. No matter sad occasions or happy ones, we looked forward to spotting the new Amul ad on advertising hoardings or in print. Do you recall any favourite Amul ads that you loved?
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    Yes, I often noted those witty and crisp one liners but did not know that Sylvester daCunha was their creator.
    I remember some of them were very catchy. Such things remain in our memories for long.
    I also pay respect to the departed soul.

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    I am an argent follower and admirer of Amul ads since years.

    I used to see them in print as well as when they are exhibited as banners in metros and cities where I was staying.

    Amul ads used to touch and cover happenings in all sectors.

    Though there are many which stay i mind, the one of immediate recall is Amul ad linking the announcement a new Tamil film, many years ago. The name of the film was "Unnai Vidamaatten"(meaning I will not leave you).
    The Amul ad was quoting the same name but pointing to Amul butter indicating that we will not leave Amul Butter.(Amul vennai vidamatten)

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    Yes. I used to see these ads for a long. Really there are very crispy and liked by many people. Sylvester daCunha really created well-remembered ads. My tributes to the departed soul. Om Shanti.

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