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    Permissiveness should not become arrogance

    Talk of Gen Y and their expensive spending habits. Talk of their obsession with electronic gadgets that is now becoming a Pan-India problem. Talk of their engagement with a 72 year old Superstar called Rajnikanth, and their obsession with loud music of all kinds ( the latest craze is the Tiger Ka Hukum song from his forthcoming movie).

    Increasing permissiveness takes many forms. The Gen Y think that anything associated with old people or any advise from the elders is just not worth taking notice of, or even listening to. They are fed with stories of how to become independent, and are quite well aware that Engineering or Medicine are no more careers where one can make huge money.

    While their awareness and confidence is fine, their obsession with matters related to their own worlds, does create a situation where the "Only Me" attitudes quickly take over, particularly before the age of 14.

    This kind of development is not metro or big city specific. It is common to the developing small towns and cities as well. Parents are having the toughest of times relating to such children.

    How do we reverse this trend? Members who might know some success stories may highlight the same here, without any reference to any name in any manner whatsoever.
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    I think this will depend on the nature of brought up. If the parents guide the children properly from an early age with proper attention on them, we may see a different attitude in the children, I feel. If parents mind their own business and never care for their kids, this type of problem will come. Another issue is over caring for the children also is not advisable, I feel.
    When a four-year kid is sitting in front of you, without engaging him/her. if you are busy with your smartphone, the thinking of the kid will be different. Kids will also start glueing to the phones. We should see that children follow us and it should happen at an early age. Once they cross their 12th year, I think moulding them will be difficult. So we all should see that they will be on the right path before they enter into their teen ages.
    I have seen some children who follow their parents and give importance to their advice. It all depends on the family and the way of life of elders in the family, I feel.

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    These are all, according to me, the lack starts from parents. In houses where the parents are easily approachable by children, the erring situation is very minimum. During our school days we are collectively sitting in the hall and our parents are so friendly to approach. They themselves take us to cinema halls, hotels etc., so we did not plan to do anything in their absence and we never hide anything from our parents. Not only parents as we were in joint family all our elders are very approachable and our paternal uncles gave works to us which never questioned or interrupted by our parents on any single situation.
    Here a neighbor in our apartment, the parents of a child in order to keep away their child from her paternal elder uncle- on some grudge, send their child to play with another child in the upside house. There that child has no father and thereby they allowed their child to get anything as she wish, they provide a mobile phone to that child. By seeing the facilities to that child, this girl also become very adamant and very poor in education. The parent in order to revenge their elder, they spoil their own child.
    If the parents are freely talking to the children no hidden activities are affecting them.

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