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    Be extremely careful of these WhatsApp marketing guys

    Senior citizens, unemployed youth and even those who are employed are increasingly falling prey to some sort of promotion campaigns. More often than not, the people who do the marketing, find out our WhatsApp number through some platform or some source. Immediately, there is a message, saying that without any investment, one can make Rs.150/-, and all that one needs to do, is to simply like something and then send the person the screenshot.

    A few people who were attracted by such dangerous games have only ended up losing their money and their peace of mind. Nothing in the world comes cheap. Every single day, we need to toil for our bread, but the honest and most ethical ways of making whatever we can, under any set of given circumstances, is far more peaceful and does add some value or the other to the lives of each of us.

    Honesty, integrity and hard work are values that are proved and time-tested. One need not feel lost that we have to slog all the way. Life is just not about making money. The happiness touch points that come from simple admiration of nature around us, a kind word exchanged with a good friend, an activity that leads to some social good, and so on, bring us happiness that far outweighs the quantum of money that we have.

    Of course, we do notice our own relatives not respecting us, for the simple reason that we do not have the same money as they have. The best solution is to ignore them, in the firm belief that in this transitional world, there is nothing that is permanent, at any point in time. Things can change drastically and it is always fine to jell with people and relatives who respect us.

    And then live in the present and stop giving any attention to these supposedly quick ways of making some money and then losing money.
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    Online space is today crowded as so many people are active in social media and other popular platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube, and many others. Everywhere we will find some advertisements and something to evoke our interest in it. Some of them are genuine ones advertising their real products while many of them are not honestly depicting the things and creating wrong attractions and many gullible persons fall prey to it.
    We should take utmost care by ignoring and avoiding all the gambling sites, fake prize and award sites, fake cashback sites, misleading survey sites, and many other such internet sites having a dubious character.
    It is common for these sites to collect the phone number of the user and then make a business call and attract him in a trap leading to fraud.

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    Online activity is increasing and social sites are providing a lot of space to its members to make advertisements for their products. However, users should be very careful while going for their purchases based on these advertisements.
    Online procurement is in no way a bad practice, provided the buyers are careful. There are companies like Amazon etc where they never deceive the customers and even a return policy is there. When we receive the material we can inspect the same and if we find any deviation from the product we have ordered, the same can be returned without any loss. In some cases, they even return the money and in some cases, we will get a replacement.
    In the coming days, we see an increase in online marketing activity. The advertisers will come out with novel methods of advertising their products. So all consumers should pay their interest before deciding on the product and the company on which they are ordering.

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    It's not only WhatsApp that is used by cheats. Any online platform can be used to fool people in thinking it is a genuine money-making avenue or a purchase site. There have been cases of using a company's logo and banners and name, too, in their website name to fool people into thinking it is the actual company. I know of someone who got fooled into booking a hotel room when actually it was not the hotel site at all. It is easy to set up a temporary site and then vanish when money has been collected from customers. Even so-called real estate brokers cheat people, show a flat, take money, and when the buyer goes to take possession, is shocked to know that it is owned by somebody already.

    Making money is an important aspect of living, but one must be wary in how it is acquired and take the necessary steps to be diligent.

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