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    We need a big push towards elimination of beggars

    In what may be seen as straight from a Tamil masala movie, there are horror stories doing the rounds on social media of the plight of hundreds of children who are kidnapped at different places in India by organized gangs and brought to the big metro cities for begging. These children are often seen begging at various traffic signals and in the open spaces near Churches and temples.

    They are sometimes a big nuisance as those who would be rushing for some urgent meeting or the other or attend to sick relatives have to confront these children who keep on banging the windows of the cars till they are given at least ten rupees.

    The concerned State Governments should raid the premises of these organized gangs that are often situated near the abandoned places of some sick industry, now under litigation as well. The children can be handed over to the NGOs, most of whom have some plan or the other to rehabilitate them in one way or the other.

    We need urgent action on this big social problem.
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    Beggars Rehabilitation Schemes are in vogue in many states as central Government launches the Scheme for all States of India.
    In Tamil Nadu, during 1969, then Chief Minister Mr. Karunanidhi initiated this rehabilitation Scheme during his ruling. But later on nobody knows its fate as we can see many beggars on the roads.
    It is really pity to see that the beggars are insisting their children also in the begging on street signals.
    Unless otherwise they themselves corrected nobody can eradicate the Begging.

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    That is true. Many kids are being used by these gangs to collect money from the people. Especially in metros and big cities near traffic signals, we see such beggars. Sometimes I even see a lady with a small kid begging. The kids will be paid very little money and the remaining amount obtained by her by begging will be taken away by the gang.
    We should not encourage such activities and we should not offer them any money.
    The city police should see that such kids will be admitted to some orphanages and see that they will get educated. They should arrest the people who are using these kids for making money. Then only such activities will be stopped. Otherwise, unnecessarily the lives of some innocent kids are getting spoiled.

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