Deletion and Blocking Policy at SocialVillage

This thread is a guideline and policy regarding the Ill-natured opinions of villagers at SocialVillage. Get to know how SocialVillage deals with such villagers.

Dear Villagers!

SocialVillage is a place for discussions between villagers at the various nooks and town halls of the village. We welcome and do want discussions on various topics of what is going on in our village, state and world. And as is but natural with discussions and debates, can become heated, can welcome arguments and eventually should cool down. Debates and discussions should either bring in solutions to problems; or should come to an agreement point, beyond which the topic should not be talked about and closed.

Do remember, there can be certain discussions that may be beyond our intellectual capacity. When certain topics go beyond our intellectual capacity, villagers start to bring in their opinions. Opinions are often based on personal experiences, values, and beliefs. When people bring in Opinions, then bad language, nasty words, and insults take place instead of healthy suggestions.

At SocialVillage, we leave opinions to the Village Chief, also known in technical terms as the Administrator and Owner. Our Administrator and Owner, Village Chief is Tony John Sir.

Kindly note, all Village Headmen - Webmasters and Editors are empowered to promptly delete any form of threads having discussions with opinions. Nasty, name-calling, bad words, and ill words written or presented in any form will be promptly deleted. As a policy of SocialVillage, Headmen do not require to inform villagers regarding the reason for such deletions.

As a policy of the Village, such discussions will not be allowed in the first place. If that particular villager continues to bring in opinions of ill-nature, they would be ousted from the village. They may face a temporary ban. We may continue to permanently ban such a villager if the offence is continued.

Cash credits and awards for all villagers facing a temporary or permanent ban will be cancelled outright. They will not be eligible for any awards or prizes for a minimum of 6 months from the start of the ban. And such members will be prominently announced in the Discussion forums.

This thread informs a SocialVillage policy and is not open for any discussion. May all villagers abide by the guideline and policy with immediate effect.