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    Make a Comeback that is WOW

    Bad always comes before the good. For example, look at a butterfly, a nasty and ugly cocoon doesn't seem to give birth to a beautiful butterfly.
    In the same sense, failure comes before success.
    It's been seven days since Dev is paralyzed. After the road accident, Dev's legs were paralyzed. An up-to-standard football player is made to rest on the bed for his whole life. Dev's family and friends thought that he would never play again. But that was not on Dev's mind, He always wanted to fly and be a strong player for his team. The dream of being the best player was always on his mind. Every time his parents console him, Dev always says that he always wanted to play but his condition is against his will, and listening to such a thing from their son makes them sad. One day his coach came to Dev, and Dev repeated the same lines After listening to him his coach said Dev make your mind to learn stand again on your feet. Be of the view of relearning to walk. You will automatically play. You had made this an excuse for yourself and that's just the matter.
    Listening to his coach, Dev felt sorry and motivated.

    Everyone's eyes were on the field, just one last goal.
    What do you think will they be able to make it out in time? A player pushing everyone on the field running with the ball toward hits the goal. everyone was overjoyed to see Dev's comeback, A boy with paralysis made it to the ground and made his team win the match . It was a huge comeback for him.
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    Making a comeback is a real achievement. We all know failures are the stepping stones for success. Failures or setbacks are very common in human lives. But how we react to those issues and how we jump back is the point that matters a lot.

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    The author has woven an interesting story about the young Dev who made a comeback inspite of meeting with an accident.
    It was the will power and sustained efforts of Dev that he could restart his sports activities and finally helped his team to win the match.
    People having strong determinations and will to survive often showcase such comeback and get applaud from the society.

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