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    Come back are stronger than setback

    Oftentimes I have seen people get fail in life and they don't try again to get success. It is not good thing for human life. Life is for struggle and we have to try till last breath. Set back teach lesson to life through which we can get success. Setback gives way to comeback. Come back is half success on the way of life that means you are again ready to do struggle in life. So no doubt, comeback are stronger than set back.

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    This is an interesting observation. Comeback is always a thing to appreciate because it paves way for the new efforts and struggles to achieve the objectives.

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    Comebacks are always positive steps towards our success. We all will face setbacks. But worrying about those setbacks and not thinking of coming back is foolish I feel. One should analyse the reasons for the set backs and find ways to come back and reach our goals.

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