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    The value of a comeback is immeasurable

    While talking about a comeback, it instantly strikes the return of a person convincingly in their career, be it sports, performing arts or any creative field. But what about those who make a comeback to life from a deathbed?

    Imagine the mental state of a critical patient, excluding those who are unconscious; they see their loved ones' worried faces, even overhear the doctor's conversations with the family members and fully knowing that there is no road to recovery, but try to fight back with a hope to get cured needs a patient to be mentally strong.

    Considering someone's comeback, one should not ignore God's will and the love, care, prayer and blessing of the person's loved ones. It is usually possible in any profession or study to rise back through extreme hard work, dedication and certainly with the blessings and best wishes of the Almighty and well-wishers. Such is not the case with critically ill patients. Doctors' proper treatment, the patient's willingness to live, God's will and the immense love and care of the family and friends become vital. Once everything falls in line, the comeback from imminent death to life is only possible. Such a comeback is immeasurable in terms of happiness, satisfaction, and determination of the patient and one's loved ones. Successfully making a fightback, either in life or career, becomes possible when God showers His blessings, and thus, the value of a comeback becomes immeasurable.
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    An excellent write-up on comeback. It is basically philosophical in nature. I like this write-up.

    It is a matter of regret that this beautiful write-up could not be included in the just-ended competition.

    "Tera chehra kitna suhana lagta hain; Tere aage chand purana lagta hain"--Kaif Bhopali

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